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Electronic Access system Brisbane

by | Mar 26, 2020 | .

Way back in 1988 electronic locks were few and far between. Fast forward to 2020 and wow what choice there is now. I am a hug​​e fan of the electronic access system. However most people only know a tiny amount of what can be done by such a system. In its simplest format a electronic access system is a battery powered lock fitted to a door. With top tier access systems it can control who goes through particular doors at nominated times and dates. Its possible to have a swipe card open a padlock on a gate or control an elevator.
We have seen an increase in demand for locks where access can be granted via an email or text message. These systems are very popular with Airbnb operators. That said its very important to ensure any locks fitted to rental properties dont breach Qld Fire regulations. Recently we installed an electronic access system in a Brisbane laundromat. The owner wanted the door lock to auto lock at specific time each night. Often electronic swipe card or pincode systems are made up of multiple components. It is difficult to manufacture a few lock systems that will perform every function a clients requires. Often the system needs to be custom designed.

Electronic locking systems are now both reliable and secure !

Because we have 30 years practical experience with just about every type of lock there is. We are well qualified to design an electronic access system that will do exactly what you want it to do. Usually our clients ask for a simple electronic digital door lock that allows them to add or delete users as they need. In practice they can settle with a more sophisticated electronic system. This may control the car park gate, the foyer door and many other doors.
More importantly there are so many options available we are happy to do a site survey to determine your needs. For example a smartphone operated door lock may be suitable for some situations but not for others. Call or email us to discuss what we can do for you.

Electronic Access system

Combining electronics and locks makes for user friendly security

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This battery powered lock has 30 users and a key backup


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