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High security letterbox locks Brisbane

by | Sep 22, 2013 | .

Most locks fitted as standard on most commercially made letterboxes are easy to breach, replace them with high security letterbox locks.

There has been much media about high security letterbox locks. Imagine if criminals could walk into your home and start taking copies of your personal information without so much of an excuse me!  Well when you get your snail mail delivered its there for anyone to take it. As 78% of people don’t lock their letter boxes. In fact even those that lock their box are taking a big risk. A risk if the lock installed is a “standard letter box lock” as alas these locks have 2 significant issues. The letterbox lock market is totally dominated by Lowe and Fletcher which also goes by the name L & F and the humble (standard ) letterbox lock has a number or code stamped on it.

This number allows the owner of the letterbox to get a key cut should the originals become misplaced, alas identity stealing thieves were quick to take advantage of this and the number of mail theft incidents has climbed dramatically over the last 10 years. We can replace this type of lock with a high security letterbox locks which have no number stamped on the front of it.

The second issue with the “standard type” of letterbox lock (aka mailbox lock) is that most of the locks are master keyed. Sadly this “master key” has made its way into the hands of criminals who using this key can quickly open the locks and steal the contents. The third and not so prevalent problem is that by design. The locks are small and the tongue or cam of the lock is easily bent when the flap is forced with a small screw driver.

A typical letter box block

Note the number stamped on the front making keys easily available to anyone

We can supply and fit a new lock that has no master key function and is also harder to force open.

Recently we were contracted to replace over 200 locks on one unit complex because a criminal was observed using a master key to open the locks. We have been providing solutions to real security issues for more than 25 years whether its mail box locks, a high security card swipe system or just a simple key cut call us today on 1300 556500

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