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Rekey door locks Brisbane

by | Jul 7, 2013 | .

To Rekey door locks Brisbane residents need only call us. We will have you safe & secure in no time flat. Rekeying locks is the simplest way to stop an unwanted person from gain entry without your permission.  We have been recoding (rekeying) locks in and around Brisbane for over 27 years. KGB can also minimise the quantity of keys that you need to open all the locks in your home. Whilst many others may try and convince you that the whole lock should be changed. Consider this is totally unnecessary and more expansive than just changing the barrels. For added security we can upgrade your existing locks to restricted key locks. These keys can only be copied upon presentation of a signed request by a nominated signatory.
• Rekeying a door lock is cheaper
• We can make all locks work off one key
• We have a 1 hour emergency service to many suburbs
• Upgrade your locks to make them Bump resistant
• We can  can upgrade your locks to work off restricted barrels
We can rekey or “rebarrel” just about any lock
All our security staff are Criminal history checked & fingerprinted
In the process of rekeying your door locks we will inspect them. We will also check and the associated hardware for wear and tear. Should we find a fault we will provide you with a written description of the fault and suggested remedies. We will also be happy to give you an estimate to repair or rectify any issues we discover. So if you have just moved into a new home and are unsure of how many key copies there are.  We would stongly recommend rekeying the locks. This will prevent your old keys from working, call us now and we will get it done ASAP.
rekey door locks brisbane

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