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Video Intercom upgrade Brisbane

by | Sep 1, 2017 | . | 0 comments

Life seems to be getting faster, never before have we been so connected yet I am constantly hearing how scared people are. An intercom system definitely places a barrier between “strangers” and our loved ones. There are thousands upon thousands of intercoms installed in and around Brisbane. The older basic intercoms have been great to control entry though a gate or front foyer door. That said we are definitely seeing an increased demand for video intercom upgrade Brisbane. Of course the smart phone has been the big game changer when it comes to intercoms, as they make it so easy to open the door using a smart phone.
With a smart phone controlled intercom you can see who is requesting entry. You would also be able to see if there is a number of people or that the parcel delivery person is in fact legit. Generally is fairly straight forward to swap over from a voice only intercom to a voice and video intercom, the exiting wiring is the determining factor. Video system intercom upgrades can change the way your busy life works, making it simpler and less stressful. We have been doing video intercom upgrades in all Brisbane suburbs for almost 28 years. Unlike many smaller van based technicians we work for 2 dedicated street front workshops.
Video intercom systems can be a little tricky to repair however as most electronic components are susceptible to environmental factors such as storms and vermin. Bugs like to build a cosy home inside the door or base stations. They are attracted to the warmth the power supply provides but this can be remedied with a maintenance service visit. We service and repair all the major intercom brands such as Aiphone, Dahua and Commax. Some other less common brands we have found are Elvox, Device, ECA voice Intercoms, Mphone, delta, and others.
Of course sometimes its not all about the intercom but rather the lock that really does the heavy lifting. Having a huge technical database to draw from we are the people to talk to about electronic locking options. So if you want a video system upgrade or just a quote. Send us an email or give a call, we will be keen to help you.

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