Risco IP Video Stand Alone Internal Security Camera

Keep watch over your home and family with Risco IP Video Stand Alone Internal Security Camera. This indoor camera lets you stream crystal clear HD video from anywhere and alerts you when it detects trouble at home.
Check in remotely and use the inbuild camera to talk to people or fur babies in your home while you are at work/travelling.… Read More

Second hand pistol safe used

This second hand pistol safe has bolt down holes and the locking bars are 40mm in diameter. It is secured with a high grade spin combination lock and a glass re-locking plate. This plate protects the safe in that when it is cracked from an attempted break in, it will fire a secondary re-locking pin system. With all our quality second hand safes we offer a 12 month ONSITE warranty giving you peace of mind. We also operate from “legitimate” shop fronts rather than a rent a shed like many other (gone in 12 months) online sellers. In fact when you buy a safe foff Gumtree it possible you could be buying a safe from a criminal who has the blueprints of the safe & could crack the safe at a later date. We are QLD Police checked and finger printed and licensed as per the QLD Security Providers Act.


For other states regulations please visit THIS PAGE.

 … Read More

Brisbane Break Ins and How to Improve Your Security
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The amount of Brisbane break ins are influenced by the growing epidemic of Ice and other addictive drug habits. Criminals are using standard techniques to identify targets and enter their homes. This is evidenced through our experience with people who seek … Read More

Frequent Q & A’s for Security and Security Systems
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 Q Why are keyless entry door locks becoming so popular in Brisbane ?  A   A card access systems which are also called proximity card systems or swipe card systems have become very popular in Brisbane business’s simply because they give … Read More

Rifle safe review of Australian Rifle safes !
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There are so many rifle safes on the market and like all things you get exactly what you pay for. In this rifle safe review I will be talking in generalities rather than focus on any particular brand or model. In Qld the Qld Weapons act sets out guidelines for storing different categories of weapons. The the vast majority of sporting shooters really try and do the right thing. Alas the act is fairly vague and so the playing field (from a sellers perspective ) is not very even. The huge number of safes available online really muddies the water and whilst there are few goodies the vast majority are RUBBISH.… Read More

Gun Storage For Different Grade Firearms
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We have two kinds of clients when it comes to gun safes, the reactive; this morning we sold a safe to a man who had just had all his rifles confiscated after a break and enter happened at his home … Read More

New Deposit Tax Posed By The Abbott Government
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What does the new deposit tax posed by the Abbott Government mean, well we will see more and more people will look at investing in other commodities; gold, silver, collectables, books, bonds or just plain old cash/currencies. Just like in the … Read More

How To Improve Your Screen Door Security
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There has been an increase in crime, 30% increase in breakins, in both the Logan and Wynnum areas of late based on criminals accessing homes via the back deck through their screen doors.  It is a simple process of cutting … Read More

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