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Brisbane heavy safe movers – Qld


As reliable Brisbane heavy safe movers we can transport, relocate, reposition and remove virtually any safe. At any time to or from any location. Safes are beyond the scope of most furniture removers as safes can weigh up to 3000 kg. We have been moving safes for almost 25 years.

In that time we have squeezed, pushed, shoved and even sworn (occasionally) at safes of all shapes, colours, sizes and of course weights. Safes have the ability to damage anything they come in contact with. Walls, floors, elevators unless precautions and safeguards are taken.

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We are fastidious about safety, safety for our heavy safe movers and any person within the proximity of the move. Often we will perform a site survey then create a site specific plan to move the safe. Should there be any modifications needed to the floor or stairs we can usually do this on site.

A structural engineer is also available to inspect any building components. If there is any doubt the floor may give way when a heavy safe is moved across it we bring in the expert.

Elevators are also another item that come under close scrutiny when moving heavy safes. We like to have a buffer of 20% with the elevators capacity. Over the last 30 years many heavy safes that were moved into Brisbane City buildings.

They were often moved without much care and we regularly have to remove safe doors so the safe can be carried by the elevator.

It is also essential that once the safe is finally positioned it is level so as the door will remain stationary in the open position. If the door was to swing close or open by itself it could pose a real risk to people near it. Anchoring the safe to the floor is also an important job we do.

It’s worth noting that in Qld anyone “installing” a safe must be licensed as per the Security Providers Act 1993. We can if required move the safe outside of business hours to minimize the impact on day to day routines. To obtain a quote simply send through a picture of the safe together with its dimensions.

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This is a fine of example of how not to do it, here’s a video of some amateurs moving a safe down stairs that almost goes horribly wrong!