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Emergency Locksmith Tale

Well this morning started out like any other day with jobs all over Brisbane and beyond to attend to and we got what we thought would be an everyday emergency locksmith job, which actually turned into a fantastic emergency locksmith tale.

We got a call from a gentleman advising us that he needed an emergency locksmith to his neighbours place and so we sent Paul one of locksmiths out to see what was up.  Firstly Paul had to get inside the house, so he picked that lock, and then he made his way to the bathroom door where the lady, Sheryl; name changed to preserve privacy, was locked inside.

What had happened was that the real estate agent had a new lock put in for the bathroom but the person who had installed the lock, put it in the wrong way, so the lockable side was on the outside of the door.  She had gone for a bath the day before at 4pm and found out that she couldn’t exit the bathroom, she didn’t get too worried as her flat mate was due home at about 9pm so she thought she would hang tight.  Flat mate had other ideas and didn’t come home that night.  Sheryl tried to pick the lock herself by straightening out a bobby pin, she made a good effort but it is a lot harder than the movies make it out to be.  So Sheryl had to make do with a singlet, pair of shorts and a very wet towel for warmth for the night, she ended up wrapping herself up in toilet paper during the night to add extra warmth.  What a nightmare!

Early the next morning Sheryl tried in vain to draw attention to her situation by yelling through the window, no luck there either until she noticed someone in the back yard of the neighbours who saw her arms waving out of the bathroom window.  He managed to throw up some clothes and an apple and then call KGB.  We got there in under 30mins and had her out in about 45mins in total.

After an uncomfortable night on the tiled floor in a very small bathroom, Sheryl opted to have some breakfast and call in to work to advise them she wasn’t coming in as she needed to catch up on some zzzz’s.  Totally understandable.

Incorrectly installed locks are a common occurence; Johnny Quinn American Bob Sledder locked in bathroom due to poor fitting of bathroom door lock.  DJ in London decides to time it perfectly in the middle of a set to sneak to the loo and accidently gets locked inside due to faulty lock.  Over an hour till he is released.  Thankfully both of these escapes were through a hollow door, images above are of their escapes, if it had been a solid door like Sheryl’s, no hope in getting out till help arrived.

Moral of the story; always take the phone to the loo with you when in a new environment or check the lock on the toilet door is capable of being opened from the inside.

We have a lot of unique stories in our week to week running of the business but we thought this one was exceptionally story worthy.  Never a dull day @ KGB Security.