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KGB Security mobile Locksmiths offers Access Control solutions through a variety of security systems including electronic key pads, bio-metric control devices, mechanical access control devices, audio and video door entry systems and proximity.

Access control comes in all shapes, sizes and costs and depends on your level of security required as well as your budget. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial access control, we have something to meet your needs. Choose the service you are interested i learning more about below.

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Access control comes in all shapes, sizes and costs and depends on your level of security required as well as your budget.

Key-operated mechanical lock hardware

This is the simplest and often least expensive option, with this you can access your controlled area at your leisure. With this limited functionality there isn’t any option for access audits or tracking of who and when they have accessed the controlled area. This would be an example of “dumb” access control. If the key is duplicated or lost you no longer have control over the access.

Go with a full time guard, this is also considered access control.

With full time control comes the benefits of an electronic access control system.

  • Security – no enters without permission
  • Time and Attendance – no need for the old time clock.
  • Accountability – Audit trails
  • Convenience – no need to rekey
  • Control of time and people who can access – who can enter and when, commonly called time zone capability.

Although thorough this can be a costly solution.

Battery powered stand alone digital locks.

The evolution of these locks continues at a rapid pace. Their popularity is partly down to their many useful features. Our latest fingerprint lock is a stand alone system retailing for about $400 fitted and has up to 30 users.

Amongst the latest developments in pin tumbler locks are Combination Transponder keys, these allow a key-holder access to non critical doors with that keys standard mechanical interaction as well as access to the other areas based upon the “Transponder ” head of the key.

Electronic keys.

These offer the benefits of a very high level of access control to multiple applications: filing cabinet locks, gate padlock, or cam lock (such as a vending machine).

Stand alone systems have multiple benefits, such as:

  • Some can “learn” existing controls
  • No hardwiring, which can significantly reduce cost
  • Audit trails can be downloaded via a PDA etc.
  • Some allow groups and management levels and most range from single to multiple user.
  • The ability to easily reuse or move doors and locks

To list the complete selection available for access control systems in any detail would have us here all day.

Below is listed just some of the features fully integrated systems can offer;

  • If you lose a card you can just delete the lost control and issue a new one without need to “rekey”.
  • Can be remotely controlled – i.e. via modem and computer.
  • There are systems available that can be managed by your IT department.
  • Able to be integrated with existing alarm systems, CCTV and fire alarm systems.

The factors that need to be considered when selecting the right type of system for you are as numerous as the number of systems themselves;

  • What type of egress control can be used
  • How many users.
  • Inspection by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).
  • How many openings, or buildings are involved
  • Does your system need to integrate with your alarm or fire system.
  • Control Types
  • Fire and Building codes
  • Can wires be run.

We can help take the confusion out of Access Control System selection for your specific circumstance. Give us a call today to discuss how to best secure what you need.

The ability to also programme the sensors to only trigger if a particular area of the “Pixelated area” is detected. When you need tech support, you can be confident that our service experts will provide the help you need about mitsubishi air conditioner parts. KGB security services can advise and quote on security systems for your home via a floor plan if you are building and we now have the Risco Alarm which is a great solution for rental properties and caravan that call allow you remote check in from your office or while you are out if a sensor has been activated; by visitor, family or intruder.

This system is wifi, which means you can take it with you when you move, customise it for your home or work and have peace of mind without a high price tag.

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