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Bunnings Safe Review by an Expert

Over the last 38 years I have worked on safes of every conceivable size & shape. So I feel this qualifies me to write my my Bunnings safe review. Everyone welcomes cheaper prices there is a flip side to cheap imports. The influx of what I term “cheapie safes” has its consequences. These cheap imports have contributed to the death of at least 2 safe manufacturing plants in Australia. The Chubb safe factory closed in the latter part of the 1980’s. And in 2008 Lord safe company closed its doors in Taree. The only surviving safe making factory now is the CMI plant in Sydney. Alas economic rationalization has claimed another Aussie industry but I digress. The real problem with all these cheap imports has been the race to produce and sell them at  the lowest cost as the main consideration.

Read Our Bunnings Safe Review Now

Lower costs translates to less steel, components that are “lighter” and electronics that have not been thoroughly tested. Many of these light grade safes can not stand up to the rigor of everyday use. The word “safe” when applied to a security container or Strongbox as they were known is a misnomer. How anyone that buys a “safe” for $40 can think it will protect anything from anyone is lost on me.

Quite simply if you want to protect any item from being stolen you need to place barriers between the items (booty in crim talk) and those wanting to steal it. This is a proportional equation, the bigger the “risk or “booty” the better or stronger the (barrier) safe needs to be. We (in the safe & vault industry) call this the safes “cash rating” and it is a measure of how hard a safe is to crack open.

The higher the safes CASH RATING the harder it is to crack open !

Bunnings Sandleford Safe Review

I have looked at nearly all Bunnings safes (inside and out) and they are all (in my opinion) low grade. They are only suitable for domestic use and should NOT be used to protect valuables from thieves. They should only be used to stop non criminal types from stealing its contents. This would be, people known to you such as relatives or house guests. Anyone who would NOT use tools or such to attack the safe.

Domestic or home safes as they are known have a cash rating of between $500 to $3000. Their fire rated safes are fine and they (fire rated safes) will protect the contents from fire but keeping criminals out is another story. I would like to see an Australian standard introduced which outlaws the generic use of the word “safe” and replace it with a grading system for security containers.

Read what Bunnings customers say about their safes ! In short THEY say they are RUBBISH. Click here to read 

For $400-$600 you get a home safe that will provide a much greater obstacle to would be crims. For between $800 and $1000 you get a really good safe and so on. Also remember it more logical to buy a good safe once. Rather than find out the hard way that a cheap safe offers ONLY token resistance to most amateur criminals.

Always check out a safe sellers Google reviews BEFORE buying a new safe

Bunnings safes are great as a petty cash safe or the kids money box. They MIGHT suit as wall safes (where they are built into the wall) as they are light and small enough. Finally these safes are not very reliable and if they break down in 3 or 5 years you will have the expense of getting it open. Then there is the cost of replacing it. So I feel it’s better to invest in a good safe once, bolt it down and then relax knowing your stuff is safe.

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Bankers grade safes weigh anywhere 2400 – 3000kg this one weighs ….6 kg

These safes can be opened easily by “bumping” which leaves no evidence

How could ANYONE possibly think a $40 safe will stand up against criminals

This Sentry safe is NO match for even the most basic crim !

This safe has a 4 mm thick door — barely enough

Another cheapie destroyed in a few minutes

How could ANYONE possibly think a $40 safe will stand up against criminals

Useful Video Tips

How to how easy it is to open a safe without damaging it by BUMPING it open (1 min 40 secs)

The man in this video offers a tutorial on how to open cheap safes with a chisel & a hammer. I am shocked at the brutality and he completly destroys the safe ! You make up your own mind !

Range of Safes We Sell

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