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Class C security cabinet

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There ia a little bit of confusion of what is termed “government security cabinets”. In short there are 3 main classes of cabinet that the Australian government uses to keep sensitive documents safe. You can imagine that any Government needs to keep some documents top secret and away from spies. These might be the blueprints to the lastest steath fighter or such. The Australian govt demands really really secret papers are locked into a A class cabinet. Medium a B class cabinet and the others a C class. A C class security cabinet is simply a heavy duty filing cabinet with a pickproof high security key lock. In contrast a standard filing cabinet is made from very thin tin and has a supper cheap key lock.

We sell second hand class C security cabinets mainly to Govt sub contractors. The Australian Govt will demand you have a C Class filing cabinet before you do any work for them. The 2nd hand C class cabinet pictured is typical in design and size. It measures 705 x 510 x 670 mm (H X W X D ) and weighs 85 kg. The high security key lock is a “Bilock” brand, these locks are certified by ASIO and the keys are restricted. The most common C class cabinets we sell are the 4 drawer ones followed by the 2 drawer version.

Because we have a large safe divison we can repair both the B class and C class cabinets onsite. The A class version sometimes must be transported back to our workshop in order to carry repairs. We are also experts at relocating and repositioning B class and C class cabimets and we do this in and around Brisbane suburbs. As with all 2nd hand safes we sell it comes with a 12 month warranty. Of course we can deliver this cabinet to any location in Australia. More importantly we are extremely service orientated so please feel free to call or email any questions you may have.



This 2nd hand C class 2 drawer cabinet is in excellent condition !
Comes with 2 x high security Bilock keys




















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