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Emergency Locksmith Brisbane

We get a call every week from a distressed parent needing an emergency locksmith Brisbane. To be able to get into the house or the bathroom because their child has locked the door.  So we thought we would write this blog to advise you on what to do when the kids have locked the door on themselves.

Our first job we will discuss is in regards to a job where a mother called us panicked. Her child had locked himself in the bathroom.  We had one of our emergency locksmiths in the near vicinity and managed to get there within 20 minutes. The toddler was out of the bathroom and the mother relieved.  We are sure our locksmith had a glow around him in her eyes at that moment.


Now there were a series of questions we asked, to make sure that the toddler was going to be ok till we got there. Regardless of the answers this is what we advise everyone to in a similar situation, bathroom or house lockout.

Turn off the water supply in the house. If you are not familiar to where that is, educate yourself with that now.

Turn off the power supply, just in case, safer is always better.


If there is imminent danger; something on the stove. Oven is on and the door tends to be hot – there are some brands that the glass door is extremely hot when on. Or if they are in the bathroom and the bath is full and if you can hear them exploring. Not staying by the door and talking to you then you MUST BREAK INTO YOUR BATHROOM.  Find something to jimmy the door and get yourself in there. Try to find something close by, within arms reach so that you can continue to talk with the child. Ask your child to face a corner because you are going to make a loud noise and get in there.

We can make your locks work from 1 key too !
Don’t leave keys in the door inside.

Door = fixable/replaceable, toddler = irreplaceable.

It doesn’t happen often that a certain mix of events happen that can put your childs’ life in danger when you are near them.  But water or fire without you monitoring them are the two major concerns when the toddler is inside without you.  If you can remove both of those threats whilst keeping the child singing or talking with you so you can hear where they are. KGB Emergency Locksmiths in the Brisbane area will be there ASAP.

We average a call a week where we are called to a child being locked inside, so this situation does happen more often than you would think.

We hope that this post gives you a little bit more insight into how to handle this situation with the least amount of stress.


bath full / kitchen oven on = break into your own house and we can do the repairs.

if you can keep your child busy while you turn off the power and water and there is no imminent danger then proceed to the power and water to be switched off.

If you are not familiar with how to do this with your home, take some time to learn that, nothing removes fear faster than knowledge and certainty.

Stay Safe Brisbane. Call us when you need emergency locksmith services anywhere in Brisbane.

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