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Fire Alarms for your home or business

There is a difference between a fire alarm and a smoke detector.  The smoke detector is to get you and your family out of the home before the fire truly takes hold.  The fire alarm is to alert the nearest Fire Brigade of the early stages of a fire so that your business or home can be saved before the fire takes hold.

That is the simple breakdown of what the difference is of the two.  There are variables, if there is a lot of smoke and you have the right equipment at your disposal and sufficient time you could extinguish the fire in your home before the fire takes hold and save your home yourself.  But this is a risk that you have to assess in each situation.


The fire alarm has the capacity and is set up to send a message directly to the Fire Brigade station and they are alerted of the emergency at your address, whilst you are also alerted by text and alarm.  Of course if you are home you know which one is going to get your attention most.

For a comprehensive list of prevention and preparation we have attached the QLD Fire Safe Tool of owner/occupiers.  It is quite thorough and all the tips may not apply to you but it is good to familiarise yourself with it from time to time.


We have attended quite a few fires that could have been prevented with a good fire alarm.  With KGB, when we close the shop doors we know without a doubt that if something does go wrong in the shop that we have the right systems in place that this impact will never be an eventuality.  The fire brigade will be at our shop before we are.


If you are considering or already have an alarm installed in your business or home please call Brock or one of the digital security team, 1300 542 732, to discuss the most effective way to add a fire alarm to your system so that you are doubly covered with your safety and security.

Live long and prosper.