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Gun Storage For Different Grade Firearms

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We have two kinds of clients when it comes to gun safes, the reactive; this morning we sold a safe to a man who had just had all his rifles confiscated after a break and enter happened at his home and Police noticed he was a weapons owner and he had his guns stored incorrectly.  The QLD Police will be returning his guns once we install his new gun safe for him.   And then we have the preventative; those who are cautious in their understanding of what is required for good gun storage for different grade weapons.  It is very important to understand the difference of grades of weapons and the requirements of storage of these weapons.

Two of the main ways that people will gain access to your home will be a. forced entry using a weapon to access the home, this will then be used to open safes / or other secure items and b. by stolen keys, the third interestingly will because someone left the door unlocked.  60% of gun safes are stored somewhere in the house and 40% are stored in the garage and in the case where guns were stolen there was more than one stolen at the time.  What is the most staggering statistic, is that most guns that are stolen in home breakins, 90%, end up on the black market and are used in organised and street crime.  These statistics come from a report by the Australian governement on gun theft break and enters.

Here at KGB we have curated a range of gun safes that we feel offer you the best security for your hand guns and rifles and ammunition.  Both the Lokaway and Guardall gun safe ranges meet all the recommendations in the Australian Weapons Regulation Act; see attached FirearmSafeStorageBrochure.   Some of the photos in the slider show an attempted break in of a Lokaway safe, but due to their double lock swing action technology, even though the crims gave it a really good shot, they failed to access the guns or ammunition in this safe.

The key points to remember are; different grade hand guns and rifles need different level of security.  Shotguns can be kept in a sturdy wooden box, high powered hand guns and semi automatic rifles need a steel safe to store.  In either case if your safe is less than 150kgs then it needs to be fixed to the wall or floor so your safe can not just be carried out of the house.  This gun safe is the closest we stock that is just over 150kg from the Dominator range, the next one is 172kgs and is from the Lokaway range.You will be fined up to $10,000 if you are found to be at fault of either of these shortfalls.

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Be safe.

Cheap safes are easy to crack open !
Cheap safes are easy to crack open !
gun storage
Another cheapie pried open .. Surprised ?


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