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How Do I Choose The Right Home Safe


With the growing population rate in Brisbane and the rate of development happening in most growth areas, the density and demographics in your suburb could be changing faster than you think. Not only that, would be criminals come from outlying suburbs to have their ‘pick of the crop’ of homes that they think will be an easy target or have valuables inside that is worth the risk.

There are two types of crims, the snatch and grab opportunist who do a little preliminary work to learn about the suburb and which house is worth the risk.  Or the well seasoned criminals who do a lot more work and execute the plan with the least amount of intrusion and efficiency, one uses skill and the other will use a lot more brawn.

In either case the more you do to deter an interest in your home or property, visible security signs; dog, camera system (CCTV or Alarm); this also increases the cash rating of some safes, sensor lighting, good neighbourhood awareness and security measures and outdoor activity in the street, a culdesac; proven to be the least favourable target as they like a two way exit. All these factors will make it so that the criminal will be less likely to target your home.

Though, it is always the extra measure of a well positioned safe, securely fixed within your home that adds that extra peace of mind and better insurance protection. When we install our safes, we advise on the best locations within your home to place a safe, where crims won’t look first.

KGB have been selling and installing safes for over 15 years and our staff are licensed technicians = fingerprinted, background checks and registered.  This is vital for you to know, as it is illegal for unlicensed technicians to install safes/alarm systems as it increases the chance of a break in if you have unchecked ‘security’ people into your home.  We are sticklers on this as there are companies out there who do not have their security staff licensed.

This video shows a typical break in with a crow bar, but don’t be fooled that this would be the only way they would crack your safe.  The angle grinder has been a boon to criminal activity that is why Guardall and KGB have designed the BFG safe range; burgular, fire and grinder proof = BFG.  All the safes KGB sells have the ability to be bolted down and have a double feature lock guard so even with a crow bar the second locking system would not enable access.

Contact KGB to discuss the options within our safe range that can best meet your security needs.