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The Importance of Good Business Security

When choosing a safe or an alarm system, the importance of good business security is beyond which safe to choose.  It is also about training your staff of what to do in the event of a break in or robbery.  Also being aware of the choices you make with your alarm and safe systems can make the difference on whether your business becomes a target or not with criminals.

KGB Security works closely with our peers in the industry, Queensland Police and national insurance companies to know the back end of every job we have to go into when we do repairs after a break in.  The common theme we see is that the person with the least security is the target.  Convenience and the opportunity to get away with it is a big plus for would be break ins.

We recently did a job which required an emergency locksmith to go out to Cleveland where two shops side by side were broken into, the first through the front door, the second through the wall.  Why?  Because these two shops were the only ones in the whole complex without an alarm system, safe and CCTV cameras.  The perpetrators broke in and stole in an effective way which shows they had done their research, this was not a random break-in and none of the cameras into or out of the centre caught any activity, these people were ghosts, so the chance of catching them is slim to none.

What would be an even worse situation is if your business is regularly taking cash, in busy times which has an easy to distinguish pattern, nightclubs = weekends, real estate agents = weekends, petrol stations = late night trading, Tuesday and Wednesdays, and weekends. Professional breakins are performed through regular observation of business habits, this certainty breeds confidence in thieves on how to get away with the breakin or robbery.  So we make sure when we advise on good business security through either a digital security system; CCTV and Alarm system, or a safe; we customise our advice as each premises, business and work pattern requires a different safe based on how to deter criminal interest in your business.  That is the backbone of our business, it is through this that we have become one of the recommended security (locksmiths and safes) businesses of Queensland Police and several of the major insurance companies in Australia.  We remedy home and business security to make it near impossible for your premises to be a target of a break in attack.

It is from our insider understanding of what goes on in Brisbane, in the dark of night, we study and review how criminals think, we install safes that would take too long for them to break into, we set up cameras and supporting systems that would deter the average (even Oceans 11 type of) thief.  We may not be the cheapest in Brisbane, but we are the most cost effective, we make sure each recommendation of good business security, whether key systems, alarms, safes or CCTV is done thoroughly, professionally and to the highest standard possible so that you have certainty when it comes to your people and possessions security.

Good business security is worth the little extra time it takes to research your options, alongside with the 37+ years of experience of the owners of KGB, who have their eye over every job that comes through the door.  Call to speak to Kel, Brock or one of the tem as the team at KGB are a professional, hands on business from the managers, locksmith and alarm technicians to our wonderful office team.

One of our safes in our range that we stock are Guardall safes.

These are some Guardall safes that didn’t break under pressure.

For good, great business security advice, call KGB Security Brisbane 1300 542 732