How to maintain your door locks
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How to maintain your door locks

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To maintain your door locks in most cases will take between 5-30 mins depending on the extent of attention it may need.  In some cases when door locks no longer work it can be due to a build up of dirt, loose screws in the lock or just age, but most of these can be prevented so we have provided a How To Maintain Your Door Lock tip list here for.

Maintaining your door locks is a good investment.
Maintaining your door locks is a good investment.

This is a basic list of tips on how to maintain your door locks yourself;

Door pulls and handles
- PREVENTION – Extra weights should not be placed on door pulls and handles. They give an additional load
to the latch of lock case and also to the spring of the handle, which shortens the service life
of the latter.

- The door handle must not be installed with impact tools.

– if you notice a rattling sound, remove lock and tighten.

Maintenance of locks
Twice a year is adequate depending on use:
– Check all the screws of the components and
tighten them if necessary; hinges, lock case, striking plate, cylinder and dome, handles
– Perform maintenance oiling; spray some oil into the key hole to keep it running smoothly.

This should be enough to keep most people out of trouble.  But just remember your door locks get old, will eventually need replacing, so depending on the use of the door be mindful of when it starts to become a bit hard to open and seek to replace it before it stops working altogether.

If your lock is old and you need to change a lock then go to this Wikihow demonstration on how to do it.

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Stay safe and practice good home safety.