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Motorhome and Caravan Alarm System

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Driving with Caravans

When you get to that time in your life when you can get on the road for an indefinite amount of time, the last thing you want to be concerned with is security always creeping in on your joy.   So the best way to deal with doubt is to create certainty through the knowledge of what you can do to improve your chances to deter any would be opportunists to interrupt your caravan adventure.

The RACQ Living has a short list of things to do before setting out on your trip but we thought we would elaborate on that here, with a list of things we suggest that you can do to prepare yourself for a long and safe trip.

  • Install a good tow bar lock; Talon, hitch locks.
  • Do a regular inventory and take photos of all your goods esp. the expensive pieces, tv, computer etc. and what is outside the caravan when you have stopped.
  • When finding a place to park make sure your entry is visible to others – this deters would be criminals.
  • Do not park near trees or shady areas when setting up for the night.
  • Etch your VIN number on different panes of glass on your caravan – it is a great way to identify your caravan if it is stolen.  This is one of the key pieces of information that is constantly repeated.
  • Caravan immobiliser – be wary of these, as a few forums have said the after market install is not recommended and fraught with issues.  Ok so this isn’t a tip, it’s more advice due to our extensive knowledge with transponders and said forum.
  • Install sensor lights
  • Install a caravan alarm system motion sensor alarm – this is where we can help you.

What we can offer you is a caravan alarm system that is a customised commercial grade passive infra red detection alarm, utilising a dual sim (for 2 different networks just in case one of them have issues) communications gateway. Chains, as a preventative measure, are no longer validated by insurance companies as a preventative measure, due to the invention of cordless angle grinders.  With a caravan alarm system it can improve your insurance ratings and premiums on your caravan, check with your insurance company for their policy on this.

If you need help with advice on installing an caravan alarm system for your caravan whether it is parked at home or about to take you on an adventure, please contact us through the floating side widget Contact button or on 1300 542 732

Then you can get going on your adventures with peace of mind.

Customised caravan alarm system

Here are some safety tips before you set out on your journey from NRMA also Driving With Caravans by the Queensland Government has lots of great tips for the before, during aspects of a caravan journey.   These are both handy sites for extra information for your caravan adventures as well as this Caravan forum which has lots of great advice.