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New Deposit Tax Posed By The Abbott Government

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What does the new deposit tax posed by the Abbott Government mean, well we will see more and more people will look at investing in other commodities; gold, silver, collectables, books, bonds or just plain old cash/currencies.

Just like in the recent Gold and Silver boom we saw a healthy trade in new and secondhand safes.  This too will see an increase in safes for the purpose of self managed security for your valuables.  Some home safes we recommend are BFG range; in the slider above, this also comes with drawer inserts so if you have a broad collection of valuables they are easy to display.  You could also consider the Dominator DS 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 depending on the size you need or make sure you go through our refurbished safe range as we tend to collect some amazing and unique old style safes which we modernised with new anticracking digital lock and we can refurb it to fit your individual needs.

Along with an extensive range of safes we have an alarm system to fit any budget, from the DIY Yale Easy Fit Alarm to the hardwired alarm system which supports smoke alarm installation that runs off main power so you will never have to worry about flat batteries again.  This will reduce your home and contents insurance quotes as they love alarm systems as it contributes to deterring criminal activity.

You may consider looking at a bank safe deposit box, there are many other costs to consider as they have increased the costings to include the weight as well as the space you hire within a safe.  The cost of buying a safe may be a little more initially but you will save in the long term costings. An important key to having security at home with a safe is to NEVER talk about it, don’t discuss it with colleagues and definitely do not mention it online.  You may remember the article about the soldier who had $200,000 of gold bullion stolen from his home, he had in previous weeks been talking about his investment on a gold investors discussion board and also he had that much gold stored in a Bunnings safe.  A Bunnings safe does not offer the cash rating or security that nearly quarter of a million dollars of gold requires.  Crims like the easy road, KGB knows how they think and as we worked very closely with QLD Police with break and enter repairs and safe replacement, if you have a Bunnings safe for your valuables you are literally giving your valuables away.  For a little bit more spend and bolted down to the floor or walls your safe can not be moved and our range of safes are the hardest to break into, on average in the range 1 in 100,000 are ever broken into.  (data from safe suppliers of the brands we stock)

We don’t have the largest range of safes, but we stock only the best.

Speak to Kel about your particular requirements and he will make sure that you get what you need to offer the best cash rating security for your valuables and situation.  With 35 years experience in the security business he will make you feel certain about the best way forward for you.

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