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Security Tips for your NEW home


Best home security tips

Over the last 40 years I have observed that there are 2 groups of people. Those who are pro-active and those who are re-active. There is no better time to be pro-active and look at home security than when you move into a new house. Sadly many people only look at security AFTER they have been broken into.

What are the best home security tips when you’re getting ready to move?

In short ones that work!  Here are 6 home security tips to help your keep your new home safe and secure.

Get a Security Appraisal; 1300 55 65 00

Our locksmiths can quickly do a walk around and point out the obvious (to a trained eye) security holes that you can fix yourself as well as home security tips and services that we can provide for you. For instance, if you have a electrically controlled tilt-a-door or panel lift door remove or shorten the pull release rope. Clever crims know they can open most doors by hooking it with a coat hanger and then lifting the door manually.

If possible install gravel on paths that lead around your home, this may alert you that someone is outside. Install defence vegetation on easy access points such as the fence corners. Bougainvillea is just such a plant. It will stop MOST crims in the tracks. Once that is done we’ll look at security upgrade options that we offer such as deadlocks and window locks.

KNOW who has the keys and how many keys are in circulation. With a new home there are always people coming and going. When we rekey or “retumble” the locks we will always key the locks alike, minimising the number of keys.

Install a Non-Standard Letterbox

The letterbox lock should get the once over, yes most correspondence is done electronically but criminals know that most credit cards are send to a mail box. Installing a “NON standard” letterbox is a simple matter. The locks we install offer higher security than 90% of the letterbox locks out there.

Consider a Digital Door Lock

Today’s electronic digital door locks are inexpensive and very functional. The Carbine electronic digital door lock we sell has a “passage” mode. This means you can turn the locking function off and make it a simple passage lock. I have had 4 homes in the last 30 years and one of the 2nd things I did was install a digital door lock to the back or side door.

I would then use this lock each time I came home without a key. Oh and being a parent of teenagers I can’t tell you how many keys I DID’NT have to supply they would have lost. With an electronic digital lock its really easy to change the code. In fact its possible to have up to 10 different codes & then delete them after they have become redundant.

Lock up you meter box

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Make sure its locked using a Energex ( or other provider) meter reader compatible.

Smartphone Alarm Systems

We offer both Wireless or Hardwired Alarms which you can check in remotely with your smart phones.

We understand that moving house can be $$$ so we can install staggered Alarm System solutions so that you can get the basics done and build it up over time.

Our Alarms have camera options that can be added where needed. Its always comforting to go away knowing that you can “dial in” and see if the teenagers are having a “facebook” party.

To discuss options call us on 1300556500 and hit extension 2 to speak to our Digital Security department.


Ring V2 – latest model

We are now selling install the Ring 2 Doorbell for those that want that extra security when you are expecting a delivery and are not able to be home when it comes.  With all the parcels being delivered via Ebay (Amazon are coming too) its easy to install a smartphone door bell that allows you to monitor who steps foot on the property as well as being able to open the door with a touch from your phone keypad.

Home Safes;

Moving house to a new suburb that either has a lot of new residents or house works going on will be especially susceptible to criminal activity as there will be a lot of new faces in the area.  Building sites are a boon for criminals as well as they know houses will have relaxed security to allow tradies to get in and do their jobs.

A safe offers great peace of mind and can be as small as 45cm x 30cms and once bolted down they will not be getting away with any of your valuables.

If you call us press extension 4 to get to the admin team in the Safe Department.

Home Safes Ideas

Old School Security – Key Safe

These are just a few tips to help an new home owner.
Please feel free to contact us anytime.