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Risco Self Monitored Alarm Systems


The Agility 3 Risco Home self monitored alarm systems is a game changer in the home and commercial security market. We would go even as far to say it is one of the best self monitored home security systems on the market. Their cameras are designed to reduce false triggers from your environment.

Such as wind, trees, cars, and domestic animals. It offers both smartphone and desktop video capture messaging, making easy check ins on the furry or human babies.

In a commercial setting, the system allows for extension to cameras, PIR, perimiter detection sensors and indoor and outdoor wireless sounders. This offers flexibility for a small or medium sized business premises. The PIR cameras have a coverage 12m wide angle, which is impressive.It offers smart settings such as, “battery life extension”. It does this by turning on battery save mode each time the system is disarmed. You can arm/disarm your alarm through your smartphone.

This is done as you leave the premises or through a one-touch button on a fob that can attached to your keys. In fact if you forgot to arm your alarm, you can set it anywhere there is a phone signal.

Smoke, gas and flood detectors are also available as an add on. A wrist and neck panic button for the elderly is also available. Family members can relax and have peace of mind knowing those needing help will have it with the touch of a button.

A reliable self monitored alarm system

Best of all the Risco Agility 3 alarm system is so easy to set up, relocate and adjust. A diverse range of add ons are also available. It can be customised to suit your particular situation now and in the future.

Much R & D has been done to ensure it meets the demands of many diverse situations. After more than 12 months field testing. We have had no issues with parts or the quality of reporting from the system.

As a self monitored alarm system it offers a lot of peace of mind with the ease of use and reliability.

Because our technicians can install one of these systems in a short amount of time. Significant labour savings is available. Once we know is your home/business footprint.

Along with your concerns and objectives we will map out the combination of products to suit. As unmonitored home security systems go, this is a great solution for business and home security customers alike. Finally if you need peace of mind and simplicity, call our Digital Home Security department 1300 55 65 00 and press option 3.

Risco Alarms KGB security
Easy to use and convenient as well !