Security key locks is a favourite subject of mine so here goes. In Australia (Brisbane ) there are no laws preventing anyone from duplicating (copying) any standard key. So if you have a business, a rental property, tennis club etc. Or any lock where the keys are given the security could be compromised should someone copy it.

When one of our locksmiths visits & rekeys your locks (changes the tumblers) we will replace the keys with the same type (ie non restricted keys) of keys. Once the lock has been changed you or anyone else can zip off to Bunnings and get as many keys copied without question.

If for example the locks belong to a rental property and the tenants hand back only some of the keys. The next tenants will be exposes to a risk. This can be averted if the Real Estate organises a lock change. Again however this problem can be prevented easily by installing security key locks.

With security keys and security locks when the Real Estate hands out keys. Eg4 keys. They can ask the new tenants to sign for them. These security keys have a unique serial number stamped onto them. Now when the tenant leaves if they don’t hand back ALL the keys the Real Estate knows the property’s security has been compromised.

With our security key locks the keys will only be copied after we receive a written request. This request must matche the recorded signature that we hold on file. Often people bring these security keys to us without the proper authority. We explain (politely) the process for getting the key copied. Requests to copy  other locksmiths security keys are also common. However we NEVER copy the keys regardless of how much is offered up..We are bound by a water tight legal contract that prevents us from copying someone else’s security key. I assure you we will not risk a court action and subsequent damages for the sake of cutting one key illegally. I am also confident that no other Locksmith will jeopardise their business by copying one of my security keys either.

There is much talk about security keys being harder to pick or key bump than standard keys. And while somewhat true this is another story for another post.

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If you have a restricted key system and would like to order keys, please download, fill out and email this form with the correct signatory that we have on file and we can ship that out to you via courier within a day of ordering.  Send to clerk@kgbsecurity.com.au


Evva high security & pickproof lock


Evva high security & pickproof lock

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