When Buying A Bank Vault Is A Good Idea
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When Buying A Bank Vault Is A Good Idea

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Building The Home Walk In Safe

Why have a home safe when you can buy a bank vault and repurpose to suit a home safe room.  We understand that most home security solutions are important to the he/she of the household and sometimes you just have more than what can fit into even our largest safes and if you have the space, why not go for bank vault or strongroom door solution.

The main thing that affects the price of a new Vault door is the cost of Steel, so that is why our Chubb Vault Doors have a P.O.A. yep, steel.  But the security levels at banks are always going up to the next level so there is always a rotation of bank vaults coming out that can easily find a home.  Over the years we find more and more that the home safe has to store more designer bags and shoes and yes watches to that.  So with a walk in safe room, your mixed purpose storage can fit everything you want to secure with room to spare.


What To Look At When Buying A Bank Vault Door

When it comes to looking at a secondhand Bank Vault doors is that they come with bank grade strongroom door and that means a few critical elements to consider when you are looking at this as a solution to your safe room or home vault.  The key difference between a Bank Vault Door and Commercial Grade Strongroom door is that Bankers grade (aka jewellers grade) have some serious weight to them and are very thick. Which means when you are considering a Bank Vault door a key consideration is that your walls to support them need to be extremely strong.  Whereas Commercial grade strong room doors are light in comparison, 1400kg versus 400kg.


It doesn’t rule out the choice of a Bank Vault if you haven’t started building yet there is a possibility that this could be a good choice for you.

The Right Building Specs

Over the years we have installed and removed over 50 vault doors in both residential and commercial locations.  We have dealt with limitations in both site access and building specs, so we have a wealth of knowledge to draw on when it comes to your requirements for a Strongroom door.  Our knowledge is not limited to local installs we have cracked open bank vaults in PNG and sent vault/strongroom doors interntionally to the Pacific Islands and South Africa.


When it comes to buying a secondhand Bank Vault for your security needs, we have through our experience with cracking, repairing and installing both bank vault and strong room doors, a unique insight to handle this kind of job while passing on our experience so you build and buy right the first time.

When To Choose A New Strong Room Door

The new strong room doors by both Chubb and Guardall have upped their game as they have seen the market for a walk in home safe has become a thing for those who love either shooting, bags, shoes, watches and designer clothes that need higher security storage.  These lifetime investments need to be stored in a way that they can be viewed and admired and also be easily accessible for everyone who has something of value in there.  The KS-SR strongroom doors have a inner and outer “clam shell” frame which means it helps the door stay flush with the framework and keeps the installation costs reasonable.

We have a detailed blog about the installation specs for a Strong room door which you can read more about installation details here.