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Access Control Security – Part 2 (card swipe locks)

There is a bit of confusion in the Security Industry as to what access control security is, the reason for the confusion is this subsection of the Security Electronics industry is only some 30 years young. Access Control, hereafter referred to as AC was first created/started by an Australian company called DKS Security in 1980. The basis of their system was a unique “electronic key” which married up to a reader and kept control of the access by means of a computer chip/circuit board.  Since DKS there have been many successful companies copying and improving on the concept of egress/exit control electronically. Chubb Security had their Mil System alternative to DKS. Wormald Security had a Magnetic keycard that laid the framework for bigger and better electronic card systems that inevitably has come along.

There is Magnetic strip security systems that used the same technology as older credit cards, proximity cards & fob systems that use transponder technology meaning the card only has to waved near the door reader to gain entry, Pin code door locks and activators, Fingerprint door locks and readers, Palmprint Security readers, Iris and Face Recognition security devices and systems, effictively all are generically called keyless entry systems. They all have different advantages and disadvantages depending on the number of users (keyholders) and readers which is needed to lock or unlock a particular door. Recently Bluetooth door locking was introduced, where you could use your smartphone to lock and unlock a door.

By far the newest and most exciting advance in AC has seen the introduction of “wireless door locks”, these new locks don’t need to be connect to a PC or Security panel to maintain the integrity of the system and because they don’t need wiring the installation cost has come down immensely. These “standalone” card locking devices mean you can lock or unlock doors at various times at almost any location, in fact it is now possible to have a padlock fitted to a door or gate that will only open to specific users at programmed times and also keeps track of who opened the padlock at a particular time. The application for this sort of “chipped security” has untold possibilities, from vending machines to machinery keyswitches to multisite multidimensional security systems all using a high-tech security card that cannot be duplicated or copied.

Whilst just about anyone with electronic experience can theoretically install or program an access control system there are many parts that require a deeper understanding to deliver a premium solution to door control security. We are well versed to deliver such as we have a thorough understanding of traditional master key systems and the logical extension which is access control. I have seen numerous access control systems installed with substandard components two examples being door closers and door locks. We have also intimate knowledge of the duplication of mechanical keys and electronic keys and with the proliferation of “cloning equipment” coming via the internet it is critical to ensure that any access control system installed is protected from this very real danger. Imagine spending tens of thousands of dollars only to find the electronic keys can be copied, and invariably this is often discovered after a theft or breach has been detected.

We are definitely the experts in access control in Brisbane and  are most happy to discuss any aspect of access control and provide you with a custom designed and installed solution for your security. We also have a dedicated electronic lock repair service, we regularly service & repair electric locks and electronic locking systems. Brisbane So when you need a  keyless entry system Brisbane s most lock savvy security company, KGB Security Locksmiths are only a phone call away, call us for expert advice on any Access swipe system anywhere in Brisbane on 1300 556500