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Bounce A Safe Open (Bumping)

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How easy is it to bounce a safe open?  I have spent many hours both in the showroom and on the telephone fielding questions about small electronic solenoid safes and their ability to resist attempts by a thieves to open them. I have seen a proliferation of these safes with the majority being sold by Hardware and Liquidation stores. It is a very disturbing to see them advertised as either a Security safe or Safe as they offer very little if any resistance to a physical attack which is what safes were originally designed to do.

I purchased the demo safe for $39.95 and the rubber mallet for $7.00, I then cut a sizeable hole in the back to enable viewing the mechanism whilst I attacked it. The metal body measures just 2mm thick and would simply bend or fold if a small lump or sledge hammer were used. I chose to use the rubber mallet to demonstrate how easy it is to open this type of safe which leaves no evidence of damage. I could have just smashed it open however a business using one of these safes which is opened without damage has far greater ramifications.

I then removed the panel covering the lock mechanism and placed the locked safe on a solid wooden bench. In a typical situation the safe would be bolted down which I believe would not make bouncing it open any more difficult. Using Sir Isaac Newton’s principle which states for every action there is a equal and opposite reaction I can bounce a safe open after about nine or so sharp blows to the top of the safe. After a few practice sessions I perfected the technique so I could open the safe with a maximum of 3 hits.

In the picture below you can see the circuit board, the key override lock, the sprung loaded solenoid, the boltwork, and the battery pack laying on the bottom of the safe. When the safe is struck firmly on the top the resultant kinetic energy is transferred through the body and door to the solenoid which then retracts momentarily. Because I am holding a small amount of pressure against the solenoid with the boltwork it then passes over the solenoid at this moment.

Here is a typical YouTube video showing how these safes are opened, ..