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Brisbane Locksmith Scammers busted !

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I gotta tell you I have waiting years for this and it is starting to get traction at last. On Monday the 29th of April Chanel 7 News ran a sting targeting doggy locksmiths. In actual fact there are very few doggy locksmiths as ours is a small industry. I see them set up a flash website, trade for a few years and disappear overnight. Google reviews tends to sort them out pretty quickly. They have to change their trading name and create a whole new website which becomes too hard after afew times. So how do the Brisbane locksmith scammers operate. Well they always use website names that feature highly in the most popular web searches. They also target the emergency component of our trade as well as plumbers etc.

By targeting people who are in a real bind they have an opportunity to extract extra cash without to many complaints. When locked out, people need a solution quick. The search result also beckons a cheaper price and when you agree to get them out you have taken the hook. They arrive and then the games begin. “This is not a standard lock” the excuses come thick and fast. The price to get in now jumps through the roof. Some people tell them to take a hike but others just participate in the extortion because they are desparate. They wont have a legitimate security licence as is required under Qld law. They almost never have a uniform or a sign written van. Now we pay all the right taxes and have all the corect insurances which protects our clients.

The Brisbane locksmith scammers wont pay tax or buy insurance because they are are doggy. The real scary part is these guys could be worse. What if they started using their (basic) skills for break and enters. I worry that they are so brazen already and the jump to real criminal activity is not that far. So what can you do ? Firstly if you have been a victim to these scammers contact the Qld Office of Fair Trading. The Police probably wont be interested as they already have too much work but its worth a try. I am writting this blog as a warning and hopefully more people will spread the word about them.

Of course if you ever need an emergency locksmith or plumber rather than ONLY relying on Google call your friends. Lastly always demand to see your tradies credentials BEFORE they start work. We are members of the Master Locksmiths Association as well as the Locksmiths Guild of Australia. Both these organizations have links to search options for finding the closest member. Please check out the screenshots of the original story below.


Brisbane Locksmith Scammers
This is a screenshot of them being stung !
The actual website they were using, but their next one will be similar










The bait is usually right there big & bold, a seemingly cheap price !
Hidden in the fine print is the illegal scam explanation !









Det Supt Tony Flemming explains if it seems too good to be true it usually is.
Brisbane Locksmith scammers
Finally my favorite, when they get chased away by a dedicated reporter










Click here to see the full news story by Channel 7 News Brisbane !



Check this Youtube clip of the same scam in the USA – Its a growing problem !



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