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Dropsafe AKA Cash Deposit Safes

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In Brisbane we have seen an large increase in the demand for cash deposit safes. Also referred to as a money dropsafe these are similar to the old Night safes that were once installed in the front of nearly every bank in Australia. There are only a few different types starting with the most basic posting slot safe. These tend to be at the bottom end of the market and only offer very basic protection. This is because the slot allows a crook to “fish” a bag of money out using a piece of wire with either double sided tape or similar.  It is important that a posting slot safe has a “baffle” fitted. It deflects the dropped money away from the area directly below the slot.

The next type of deposit safe is the “drawer deposit” or “deposit drawer safe” which as the name describes has a drawer mechanism. The drawer makes it easy to deposit and hard to defeat. The disadvantage is that on cheaper versions the drawer “runners” tend to wear out and the drawer can disintegrate under constant use. Until recently the only option was the Chubb Kingsford 57 drawer deposit safe. These are used in conjuction with armoured car services such as Armaguard or Transurety. However we now have access to the KCR2D high security drawer deposit safe.

The most popular and simplest money drop safe available is the “flap deposit safe” these are cost effective and very robust. These are an improvement from the “rotary hopper safe” which were popular over the past 10 years. The Flap deposit safe mechanism is very similar to the “Australia Post” mail deposit box system. All that is required is to pull the deposit flap down, place the bag of money on the flap & then lift the flap up.

A final word on cash management safes or dropsafes. It is important to buy a safe that is designed to protect the amount of cash deposited. Most deposit safes are only designed to hold small amounts of cash such as up to $5000 and are unsuitable to hold large amounts. We do sell safes that are specifically manufactured to hold large amounts of cash. Cash can be deposited quickly and safely. Additionally like all other safes we sell, we can organise to move and bolt down your  cash deposit safe anywhere in the Brisbane Metro area, please call or email for more information on any aspect of cash deposit safes.


Deposit safe with pull out drawer
Cash drawer safe













This is a high grade deposit dropsafe
This twin deposit drawer safe has a huge $100,000 cash rating
This twin deposit drawer safe has a huge $100,000 cash rating














Flap deposit safes are really simple to operate !
Flap deposit safes are really simple to operate !
This safe has an internal compartment that the cash drops into !
This safe has an internal compartment that the cash drops into !













When keeping your cash safe Brisbane can rely on KGB Security Locksmiths.  We have a large range of new cash safes, second hand cash safes all at affordable prices. We can deliver and bolt down your safe regardless of your location. The top floor of a Brisbane City Skyscraper, or the base level of a car park. We can shift your safe 3 feet or 3 kilometers, call us today on 1300 55 6500

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