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Hide a safe or conceal a safe

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I am often asked “where is the best place to hide a safe ?”  As I have explained in previous posts its far more important that the safe can withstand an attack in the event that criminals find it. Rather than hoping that they wont or cant find the safe. So the fly in the ointment is, the stronger or higher the quality of the safe the thicker the walls. Conversely the thicker the walls the larger it is on the outside. Manufacturers generally don’t make small high grade safes. This is because the inside becomes way too small to be useful. As such the smallest high grade safe I have seen has an external depth of about 550mm. With most cupboards having a 500mm this depth measurement the problem can be tricky to resolve.

Pictured below is a cupboard we installed into a custom made cabinet that is designed to hide the safe or disguise the safe so criminals might miss it. The idea being they would miss it if were hurriedly ransacking the office. This cupboard is made to look like a set of drawers and it has a small pin which locks the front giving the impression its a set of locked drawers. It is in a shop in the Brisbane CBD and it shows what a little creative thinking can do.

We also had to come up with ways to anchor safes in cupboards. There is usually a gap under some cupboards. In this situation we so we make a special spacer that secures the safe to the concrete floor. We have answers for all sorts of tricky security jobs and we relish the challenge. So if its to conceal a safe or lock up a freight train give us a call.

hide a safe
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Concealing a safe Brisbane CBD
Safe in a cupboard
Safe in a cupboard



Criminals know most people put safes in the master bedroom











Before !!!










After !








Another busted safe !








On a side note, we can build a stand for your safe !















We are the safe experts Brisbane so when you need the best call us.


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