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In ground Floor Safes Brisbane

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In ground floor safes are safes that are installed below ground or a concrete floor. Whilst generally smaller they have some very attractive features and consideration should be given to them when you are looking to protect cash and valuables. In ground safes were more popular than they are today. The reason is because a home’s Termite Certification will be rendered void if particular steps are not taken during the installation. They generally now only come in a few sizes, however they are easy to modify with some steel and a welder. Standard size is usually 300 x 300 x 300 mm. Available locking options are keylock, spin combination with the most popular being digital locking. For more info, buying installing or even cracking in ground floor safes

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A standard In ground floor safes
A standard In ground floor safes
In ground floor safes
Floor safe cut into floor – still wet concrete










The Guardall B1800E (pictured) is one of the few TDR safes on the market. Oddly floor safes have NO fire certification. The reason being the manufacturers will not be responsible for the floorsafe’s ability to protect the contents from a fire if they cannot test or supervise the installation. Underfloor safes when installed correctly are surrounded by soil and concrete both which are very good insulators of heat.

Floorsafes like traditional safes have 6 sides. However they have the advantage over conventional safes of only having one side exposed. Manufacturing costs are less as the other five sides can be made of a light grade steel. One of our most popular models has a 25mm steel slab as the lid which will put up a real fight against pry bars and even an angle grinder attack. Most floor safes have rectangular or square doors which are more user friendly than the older round door floor safes.


I have seen many underfloor safes installed in many different locations, the most common is inside a walk in wardrobe. However they can even be installed in the centre of a garage, or under a staircase, the only limitation is access. Installing a floorsafe when the floor slab is poured has a cost advantage however then all and sundry know it is there. Alternatively it is possible to “box off” a suitable hole and install the floorsafe at a later date. I fielded many calls about waterproof floor safes after the recent Brisbane flood and whilst steps can be taken to prevent water damage to the contents there is no waterproof safe on the market at the moment.

In ground Floor safes Brisbane
A freshly installed inground floor safe
Inground floor safes
Plenty to choose from !






This safe has a 25mm thick slab door, it even has a removable door for ease of servicing !
We have been installing floor safes for over 25 years and I am happy to discuss any aspect of the above with in more detail. With approximately 8 different models in stock and I am happy to ship these to you or for you to pick them up. Floor safes are one of my favourite safes as they offer good protection, they can be really hard for a criminal to find and then in the event they do find them, hard to open so they are definitely worth considering.

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