Key Control Safes AKA Car Key safes for key storage bags
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Key Control Safes AKA Car Key safes for key storage bags

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Key Control Safes  AKA  Car key safes

We are seeing an increased demand for safes to keep bulk car keys secure from criminals, this demand comes primarily from the Automotive Dealers where the requirement to keep keys safe from criminals who now target the keys first then steal the car. The reason being that with the advent of “transponder keys” in most modern cars it has become very hard to “hot wire” a car. This has forced Insurance companies to demand that dealers lock up the keys in a quality safe.

Key cabinets or key control cabinets come in many different capacities and sizes, however more importantly its the construction or “quality” that should be most relevant when buying a key storage cabinet. Bunnings type key boxes which are made from mild steel could be described as a key safe, but that’s where the similarity ends, the steel is only one millimeter thick and the door is usually secured by a cam lock which is most often found on a domestic letterbox, it takes virtually NO effort to force these “tinny” key boxes open.

It is worth noting that the replacement cost (wholesale) price for a modern car is anywhere from $200 to $1000 per set of keys, when you consider securing 100 sets of keys & the criminals were to gain entry or even steal the whole safe, the insurance claim would be between $20,000 and $100,000.  Now if you had to ring your insurance broker and ask if you were covered for a claim of that size I am sure you would be thrilled knowing that you had bought the right key control cabinet.


Our range of key control cabinets vary in capacity from 100 hooks up to 500 hooks and we can built larger capacity cabinets by request. Please call us for more information on ways to safely store your keys.  We have a range of Key safes on our website, estore once you have a look at those please call 1300 556 500








We can also redesign a safe to suit a particular type of key storage bag such as   the one below. In addition we made a Key cabinet that hold 10 bags with pockets for car keys for a car yard.  See Pics below