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lock change ? when why & how

Most people don’t want to think about how many duplicate keys to their home or business there could be floating around in circulation. But think about it they should. There are many different situations where you should consider having your a lock change by a qualified locksmith so you can minimise the risk to your Brisbane home or business. So when else should you change you locks? Read on to find out.

Lock change
Any lock ! any repair !

New Home? New Locks!

Unless you’ve built your own home yourself, its a good idea to get a lock change before you begin moving  furniture in, why ?  The last owner’s may have passed keys onto you but also to others too. It pays to get your locks changed so you can have complete peace of mind. Is it worth taking the risk? I definitely think not !

Lost Keys? New Locks!

Your keys go Missing  while in the company of others? Whether its people who you know well or just friends of friends, if you’ve lost your keys, its smart to to get your locks changed ASAP. Someone who has your keys and knows where you live may not use them straight away but wait for an opportunity to use them months down the track.

New Office Space? New Locks!

Rented a stylish new office space for company? Give your business good omens, and do the people you do business with a favour and get your own new locks. After all you never know who’s had the space before you and what keys could still be in circulation. If you’re renting the space the lessor may be happy to provide this on your behalf.

Relationship breakdown? Living situation breakdown? time for a lock change !

Had a relationship or marriage end on less than happy terms? Depending on the situation you might want to restrict access to the home so you can have your ex coming and going on your terms. Also with living situations that have turned sour it would  be a wise situation to change locks, as not everyone you live with can be trusted – especially a former roommate with a chip on their shoulder.

Fortunately changing locks is a simple, routine and affordable job. At KGB Security we can change locks in a jiffy and provide other security options to your home to restrict access. Don’t bury your head in the sand and take unnecessary risks since there could still be keys in circulation in the wrong hands. We can give you new locks and keys and make you the master of your own home security. Call us today 1300 542 732