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Common Locksmith Questions & Answers – Brisbane

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Common Locksmith Question & Answers

Question: What payment methods do you accept?

Answer: Credit Cards, Cash, EFTPOS and Bank Transfer. We can and do under special circumstances issue accounts.

Question: If I am locked out after hours and I don’t have any way to pay, can I get a friend to pay by credit card over the phone?

Answer: Yes, however we will ask for certain conditionsto be met first :-i.e. identity verification, particular contact information (work telephone, their address etc)

Question:Do you have an emergency locksmith covering all Brisbane suburbs?

Answer:Yes,however sometimes due to traffic or other reasons, we can’t get there in under an hour.

Question: Can you repair any brand or type of lock?
Answer: Yes, we will definitely have a solution as we specialise in the tricky jobs that other locksmiths usually bump.

Question: Can you pick any lock?
Answer: No, some locks are pick proof; however we have many bypass techniques and skills

Question: Can you open any safe?
Answer: Yes, although it can take a long time due to the fact that safes are designed to keep people out.

Question: How can I find a reputable locksmith?
Answer: Call KGB Security; we pride ourselves on being both reputable and ethical.

Question: Do you do a cheaper price for cash?
Answer: Yes & no. If the Job is sizeable we may offer a bulk discount that is applicable to any type of payment. We do not do under the table cash jobs. There are a couple of locksmiths who do, however the tax department is hunting them. In the end we all pay extra taxes because some shun their taxation responsibilities

Question: Is there any lock a cordless angle grinder can’t cut?
Answer: Yes & no, we offer a range of solutions to deter this kind of attack.

Question: Are digital locks (called keyless entry locks) cheaper to buy online?
Answer: Yes, but many of the locks I see online are one-offs and I firmly believe that you will not be able to get replacement parts when they fail or be able to find (  illegible  ) in the future. You may pay a little more but the large percentage of locks we sell come with (illegible  )

Question: Do you offer free onsite quotations onsite
Answer: yes, however the job has to be worthwhile i.e. if it’s a simple job we can usually & accurately establish the price range i.e. (  illegible)

Question: Why should I use a Brisbane shop based locksmith instead of a mobile van locksmith?
Answer: It’s your choice; however we have seen lots of locksmiths start up – trade with a van. Mobile phone and men disappear. The problem here is you can end up with a job that requires a (illegible) call and you have to pay again to get the job done properly. When you have a shop it means you are accountable.

Question: Will just locks keep criminals out?
Answer: It depends on the specific situation however we believe all businesses should have an alerm. Brisbane is no longer a small country town.

Locksmith Questions & Answers
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