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Signalling Alarm Bells: The Role of the Home Alarm System

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The purpose of a home alarm system is often misunderstood. They are not installed to lead to an arrest or to catch a criminal as some tend to believe.  While some alarms can certainly assist in apprehending criminals, instead the main roles of a home alarm system are as follows:

  • To act as a deterrent
  • To warn criminals
  • Reduce risk to property and people
  • To call for help and assistance


The team at KGBSecurity install effective and comprehensive home and business alarm systems throughout Brisbane with all the above functions.  In our latest post we explain in detail how an effective home alarm system achieves these four functions.

To act as a deterrent

Some people underestimate the ability of a visible alarm and security in deterring would-be criminals. Intruders do their research, and when it comes to deciding which homes or businesses to target you can bet they will be less likely to attempt breaking into properties where there is evidence of alarm and security systems.

To scare criminals away

The sound of an alarm activating has a powerful effect. The high decibel nature of a security system alerts everyone in the surrounding area that there has been an event which triggered the alarm. The sound of an alarm is effective in scaring off criminals before they have an opportunity to get away with property or other valuables.

To reduce risk to property and people

An alarm that has been activated means intruders have minimal if any time to access and take property or threaten people, this means that alarms play an important role in reducing risk to staff in a business, family members and valuable belongings.

To call for help and gain assistance

Monitored alarms send a message to a control centre to phone for help around the clock. If no communication is received to the control centre, they call law enforcement authorities to be dispatched for assistance, whether a threat is real or not.

Here at KGBSecurity we’ve never claimed that alarm systems catch crooks. Instead they help protect you, your business, your family and your belongings from the activities of crooks in the first instance. To find out more about alarm systems, protection, and peace of mind for your home or business, contact the security specialists at KGBSecurity today.  1300 542 732.