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Alarm Service Brisbane

Whether you have a new, Old, Wired, or wireless alarm system, they all need a service from time to time. KGB Security Offer 24/7 Emergency Alarm Service Brisbane residents can rely on in times of need. This article will cover a few parts of alarm servicing and what to look out for.

Alarm Service Brisbane Tips and advice

Hardwired Alarms

wired alarm systems require the least maintenance, and servicing is often quick and inexpensive. Even older wired alarm systems use emergency backup batteries, these are used to power the alarm during a power outage. We recommend the backup battery is changed every 2-3 years depending on usage. If you’re unsure how old your battery is, our techs can test the battery and see if it needs replacing. The outdoor siren also needs regular checking, outside electronics can become a haven for ants!outdoor PIR that had gone too long between services.Alarm Backup Battery that hadn’t been Changed for over 12 years

Wireless Alarms

Wireless alarm systems are often cheaper to install than their hardwired counterparts, but they require more servicing. The benefit of wireless alarm PIRs is that they can be installed almost anywhere, without needing a cable. However, this means that the sensors need battery changes every 1-2 years depending on the alarm brand. Some wireless PIRS are easy to change your own batteries, while others you risk damaging them. Feel free to give us a call to determine if self-servicing your alarm is possible.

We recommend changing outdoor alarm batteries every 12-18 months.

Signs you alarm May due for a service

If you alarm system has not had a service for a while, there are some key signs to look for.

Flashing lights on main panel

Many alarm systems have LED indicators on the main panel or keypads, these are usually labelled for different errors. The lights can indicate what the error is, whether it be low battery, or a sensor is not working. Some newer alarm panels will show what the error is on the keypad, finding the issue much easier. The Risco Agility4 wireless alarm Even reads out system errors through a speaker, as a result, Faultfinding is much easier.

False alarms

one of the more annoying and (unfortunately) more common signs is false alarms. Often when the alarm system has low batteries it can trigger false alarms. When the system is false alarming it is definitely time for a service. There are many different reasons why an alarm system is false alarming, old PIRs, Low batteries, the list goes on. this won’t just annoy you, but also the neighbors, we aim to solve the issue before it becomes an issue

If you’re having issues with an alarm, old or new, Give us a call for assistance Today!

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