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Drug storage safe for Medical Marijuana

Over the last 20 years I have sold hundreds of safes for storing dangerous drugs. During this time I have seen the size of these Drug safes increase in size and capacity. Pharmacists were quick to realize the significant savings available from buy their stock in bulk. Additionally the type of drugs coming online also […]

Extra wide vault door

I have sold numerous vault and strongroom doors around Australia. In fact this year alone we have installed 15 doors in the Brisbane metro area. Some people want a Vault door to complete their personal armoury. However recently we have seen substantial sales of Vault doors for Medical Marijuana. Medicinal Marijuana is certainly a growth […]

Gun safe repairs Brisbane

We perform so many gun safe repairs in Brisbane on so many different gun safes. Winchester, Spika, Big Iron, Buffalo River and Fortress gun safes to mention a few. The gun safe repairs Brisbane residents ask us to do are wide and varied. From faulty digital locks, to lost keys our safe opening division has […]

Digital lock for a gate Brisbane

There are so many digital locks on the Australian market. Bunning have at least 10 different models BUT virtually none are suitable to be installed onto a gate. There are 2 main issues, the first being resistance to water and also the extremes that comes with being outside. The second issue is most digital locks […]

Wall mounted high security car key safe Australia

I used to sell just a few high security car key safes however we now get lots of inquiries. In days gone by Insurance companies were quite laid back about how car keys were locked up. Today many Insurance companies have very strict specifications on how car keys must be secured. We can sell you […]

Large capacity drug safe with drawers

I have been selling drug safes for many years and the design has changed little. That is until now, they all have 10mm thick steel, they all have a strong locking system. The pharmacy industry has however changed the way they package dangerous drugs. There has been a move towards patch technology as well as […]