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Extra large gun safes Australia

I have been selling and servicing every type of safe there is over the last 40 years. Sadly there are so many substandard safes coming in from Asia and it can be tricky to spot them. I take numerous phone calls from people who have a safe that wont open. And when I inquire about the brand, its usually a low grade cheapy that has stopped working. We have a large range of extra large gun safes that will last between 10 to 20 years minimum. But and its a big but if any of the safes we sell fail the spare parts of generic.

Most Asian safe makers use “whatever” safes locks, handles and hinges they have rather than “Australian safe industry” standard parts. Brands such as Winchester, Buffalo River and Big Iron” use “NON STANDARD” parts. And hence when there is a problem and the safe wont open a safe tech must be engaged to open the safe. Sure some people with cut their safe open with an angle grinder rendering the safe unusable. When we open a safe we can usually repair it by modifying the safe to accept the quality components we supply.

Now back to extra large gun safes, So we sell 5 or 6 brands depending on the customers specific request. Huntpro and Lokaway are my go to when it comes to large gun safes as these two brands ONLY use parts that can easily be replaced should they play up. Both companies offer a 5 year warranty and to date I have not had them ever knock back a claim. Both companies make use of a patented “swing and slide” locking feature. This feature COMPLETEY eliminates a forced entry with a pinch bar or such.

The Lokaway LCH2 is made with a thicker door & body than the Huntpro. That said I am yet to see an attack on a gun safe with an angle grinder. The point being that if a criminal uses a battery powered angle grinder, both safes will succumb to this type of attack. In this blog I will outline the features of the Huntro HD30 because it is such a good buy. The price for the Huntpro HD30 is $1580 and is available for pick up from our depot or we can ship anywhere in Australia.

  • Main Door fitted with Swing’n’Slide Anti Pry Design
  • Internal Ammo Box
  • Full Carpet Lined
  • MDF Gun Rack
  • High Security digital lock WITH key over-ride
  • Door Back Shelving

The Huntpro HD30 measures 1505 x 905 x 555 ( H x W x D ) and weighs 155kg. In conclusion we sell only reliable safes that have “industry standard” spare parts. Our commitment to customer service is on display with the HUGE number of 5 star Google reviews ( more than 400 ) available online.

Extra large gun safes
This safe uses a patented swing & slide locking mechanism.

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