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Safe repairs Brisbane

Safes are great for keeping your precious goods from those that feel they have a right to steal them. However by design safes tend to be hard to repair particularly when they refuse to open. We do safe repairs Brisbane home and business owners shout about particularly when time is of the essence. Maybe your safe needs opening or repair the day before you leave for an overseas holiday. And you need it open to access your passport. Maybe you have a busy period coming up in your business and you need cash as change.

We have seen hundreds of scenarios play out and in my experience its seems safe locks fail at the worst possible time. Of course electronic safe locks make opening a safe easy but they can play up for a myriad of reasons. Our safe servicing division ac usually accommodate most time constraints. Bank safes, business safe and home safes are all fair game for our experienced safe crackers. Since 1988 when we first began trading we identified safes as a specialty we wanted to work with. Most locksmiths can crack and or repair Bunnings type safes. But higher grade safe problems soon sort the dabblers from the experts.

350 FIVE star Google reviews, compare that number to our competitors !

Talk is cheap and the best way to tell a good safe cracker from a poor one is to read their Google reviews. We are very proud of our Google reviews. With more than 350 FIVE star reviews our commitment to our customers is there in black & white. Safe repairs come in all varieties. Broken handles, worn out hinges sticky combination locks. These are all par for the course. The starting point is always identification. When you email or text a photo of your troublesome safe we can approximate the cost to open or repair it quickly. Recently we reconditioned a safe for a man who’s safe had immense sentimental value.

In short the safe repairs Brisbane residents entrust us with have become a core part of our business. Any safe, any problem we have a plan in hand.

safe repairs Brisbane
This Chubb safe needed a new locking bar
This Chubb safe dates back to the late 1800’s


safe repairs Brisbane
Our mobile service vans have most spare parts for common safes sold in Brisbane







safe repairs Brisbane






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