Security Tips for your NEW home

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Over the last 40 years I have observed that there are 2 groups of people. Those who are pro-active and those who are re-active. There is no better time to be pro-active and look at home security than when you move into a new house. Sadly many people only look at security AFTER they have been broken into.… Read More

New Deposit Tax Posed By The Abbott Government

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What does the new deposit tax posed by the Abbott Government mean, well we will see more and more people will look at investing in other commodities; gold, silver, collectables, books, bonds or just plain old cash/currencies. Just like in the … Read More

Emergency Locksmith Brisbane – kids have locked the door!

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We get a call every week from a distressed parent needing an emergency locksmith Brisbane. To be able to get into the house or the bathroom because their child has locked the door.  So we thought we would write this blog … Read More

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