Waterproof safes in Australia

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Obviously, safes don’t usually get submerged to a depth that they need a high-grade seal on the door. I believe most people want to ensure their valuables will be safe in the event there is a fire. And should a fire hose be directed at the safe that water won’t enter it. After examining a number of safes that have gone through a fire I have seen NO evidence of water entering the safe from a fire hose.… Read More

Brisbane Break Ins and How to Improve Your Security

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The amount of Brisbane break ins are influenced by the growing epidemic of Ice and other addictive drug habits. Criminals are using standard techniques to identify targets and enter their homes. This is evidenced through our experience with people who seek … Read More

Brisbane emergency locksmiths 24 hours

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If you have never been locked out its hard to relate to those poor souls who for whatever reason find themselves on the outside while their keys are on the inside. It doesn’t matter where your are in Brisbane emergency … Read More

Floor safe installation instructions Brisbane

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Note, the following floor safe installation instructions are a general guide only and we recommend you do extensive research before installing a floor safe yourself. The we have safe installed is a CMI safe from CMI safe co Sydney. In ground floor safes … Read More

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