Rifle safe review of Australian Rifle safes !

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There are so many rifle safes on the market and like all things you get exactly what you pay for. In this rifle safe review I will be talking in generalities rather than focus on any particular brand or model. In Qld the Qld Weapons act sets out guidelines for storing different categories of weapons. The the vast majority of sporting shooters really try and do the right thing. Alas the act is fairly vague and so the playing field (from a sellers perspective ) is not very even. The huge number of safes available online really muddies the water and whilst there are few goodies the vast majority are RUBBISH.… Read More

Lock cover plates or Lock tongue protectors

Criminals make quick work of locks that have the “tongue” or latch exposed, these are usually seen on outward opening doors and present a juicy and attractive target/entry point for criminals. There are a multitude of lock cover plates available … Read More

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