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Safe Openings Brisbane

Unlike historical safes, Brisbane’s modern business landscape features state-of-the-art vaults that safeguard valuable assets. Whether it’s a bank, a jewellery store, or a high-security facility or an office safe. These safes withstand the most sophisticated intrusion attempts. When we do safe openings Brisbane we could encounter a formidable challenge. This requires not only technical expertise […]

Extra large gun safes Australia

I have been selling and servicing every type of safe there is over the last 40 years. Sadly there are so many substandard safes coming in from Asia and it can be tricky to spot them. I take numerous phone calls from people who have a safe that wont open. And when I inquire about […]

Large gun safe Australia

Buying a large gun safe online proves effortless. The key lies in selecting one that lasts beyond 4 years and comes with a spare parts inventory. With 40 years of experience in selling and servicing various safes, I’ve gained significant insights. Opting for a low-cost gun safe may provide temporary satisfaction. However once it malfunctions, […]

Refrigerated Dangerous drug safe

Refrigerated Dangerous drug safe Since 1988, I’ve specialized in selling a diverse range of safes across Australia, providing delivery and installation services. Over the years, I’ve witnessed a significant expansion in the list of Schedule 8 dangerous drugs. Our inventory now includes a comprehensive selection of certified dangerous drug safes to meet various needs, including […]

Gold bullion security safe

I implore you, please to do lots of research before buying a gold bullion security safe. Sadly I have seen first hand the tragedy that can play out when people buy a cheap safe for their precious metals (PM). Investing in Gold or silver is becoming ever more popular with the global uncertainty that surrounds […]

Extra large drug safe Darwin

Darwin Pharmacists are similar to Pharmacists up & down the rest of Australia. In that when it comes to keeping dangerous drugs secure they find most safes on the Australian Market are too small. Our latest offering is the Emeperium DS series. We are getting rave reviews about these safes for 2 reasons. These being […]

Extra large drug safe Perth

Dangerous drug safes have always been a popular safe and over the years we have sold hundreds of them. That said we are now seeing requested for extra large drug safes and this tied directly to Medical Marijuana. Medical marijuana is a bulky product and of course MUST be secured correctly to comply with various […]

Large 2nd hand CMI drug safe

The large 2nd hand CMI drug safe that is shown retails for close to $6000 which is on par for a high grade drug safe. We have it listed for $4000 + gst which makes for a significant saving. However its worth exploring how we ended up with this monster. I have been selling safes […]

Largest Dangerous Drug safe Australia

For over 35 years, KGB Security has been a trusted provider of safes. Not only do we have a longstanding reputation, but we also ship our safes far and wide. We are also supported by a network of like-minded installers. Over the last decade or so, a noticeable trend has emerged towards larger, more secure […]

Chubb Safe repairs Brisbane

Chubb will go down in history as one of the worlds great safe makers. I opened my first Chubb safe beside my boss in 1976 when I was a trainee. In the last 40 years I have seen thousands of Chubb safes, serviced many hundreds and probably cracked opened a similar number. When we do […]