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CCTV (Close-Circuit Television System) is the important component in your security strategy for you home or business. CCTV Security & Installation services from KGB Security in your Brisbane property can help to monitor the external and internal environments of the premises, identify an intruder, can provide an increase sense of protection at home or at work and help to deter theft.

In the last few years the CCTV camera industry has made leaps and strides. The advancements have made high end CCTV systems more feature rich, and residential grade systems more affordable. Modern POE or “Power over ethernet” cameras
have far more versatility than the Coax Cameras of the past.

Additionally, we offer systems that will enable your CCTV to be fully integrated with an access control system and can be remotely control Via desktop computer or smartphone App. Unlike Cheap systems available from your local hardware or electronics store, we supply Quality Products that we stand behind. If a hardware store sells a camera system, their technical support will be very limited if any at all. We offer Complete Servicing for all of our CCTV systems for the entire duration of their lifetime.

State of the art CCTV systems are available and can be customized to your needs. We have a large range of CCTV Cameras with an even larger feature list, We will ensure you find the System Best suited to your requirements, Whether they are;

-Long Range Night Vision
-Colour Night Vision
-Thermal Vision
-Motion Detection
-Motion Tracking
-Number Plate recognition
-Facial recognition
-People Counting
-Inbuilt Microphone
-Siren Strobe and speaker

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Many modern CCTV or digital cameras for either business or home security can be used to trigger an alarm when movement is detected by them. Modern systems often have a Smart learning features allowing the Cameras to recognize the Difference between a Stranger in your Yard or a stray animal.

CCTV systems can also be monitored by a control room, most effectively in conjunction with an alarm system. This allows the cameras to be checked immediately upon the alarm system going off.

All the systems we provide have the capability to be viewed remotely via desktop computer or smartphone app. We have a large range of alarm systems also that can pair well with a CCTV for an extra layer of security.



For Commercial situations we can Program alarm systems to Keep track of staff as they enter the building utilizing inbuilt access control, providing a real-time audit trail of who access the building and when.
These systems are best mated up with a facial recognition camera that has people counting, Keeping track of everybody in the building and providing critical insight in the event of an emergency. 

QLD insights into good Commercial CCTV installation and usage tips

Regardless if the system is for monitoring employees, keeping an eye on your pets, or just keeping an eye out while you relax at home, Everyone can always use a little…

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