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Digital Door Locks

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Digital Door Locks

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There are numerous options beyond the old lock and key entry to our homes or businesses today. Technology is working to disrupt this existing model of security with the variety of digital locks currently on the market. With the rise in interest to the automated home, not everyone wants is keen to embrace new things. That said there are levels to home automation such as digital door locks, and other smart devices available throughout the home. These smart appliances can take the pressure off especially when you are juggling life, work, family.

Bunnings have a range of digital locks that you can buy and install yourself. However most locks they sell are not “Australian” market friendly. Some dont suit our Building codes and others have limited customer support. The digital door locks we supply, are a locksmith grade. They are also price competitive to those offered in these chain hardware stores.

With more than 370 five star Google reviews our commitment to customer satisfaction is clear !

We are growing the range as more high quality well priced options come onto the market and what we have to offer on our e-commerce site is a what we happily use in our homes, our parents homes and that is why we have them on our site. One huge issue I see is availability of spare parts. Most door locks have a life cycle of around 12 years. Digital door locks have a much shorter life cycle and if you install a lock with a “non standard” mounting template you may find it hard to replace.

We can install a digital lock onto an entry gate, or a security door. many of the digital door locks we install have a smart phone app. These apps make programming and using the locks easy and secure. You can allocate entry times and codes from the swipe of your smartphone screen. We are happy to attend your premises and advise you on the best digital smart lock regardless of your location in Brisbane.

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