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Brisbane Break Ins and How to Improve Your Security

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The amount of Brisbane break ins are influenced by the growing epidemic of Ice and other addictive drug habits. Criminals are using standard techniques to identify targets and enter their homes. This is evidenced through our experience with people who seek us out to upgrade or install security measures after break ins. A recent safe sale and installation for a Brisbane local told us her story. One where her home, which she thought was secure was broken into and totally cleaned out.

We interviewed Diana (name changed for privacy reasons) and this is her experience in her words;

When I moved into my home we thought we had taken all the measures to make our home secure. Our windows and doors, including internal garage doors which had a double deadbolt were secured. Crimsafe mesh on the windows which were also deadlocked. For security reasons we kept the spare deadbolt keys somewhere easy for us to access in the case of a fire so we could exit our home fast. But the day we were broken into, we had only gone away over night while the floors were being done. Alas we found out that the weak point was the roofing. Police had told us that tile roofs were an access point that some thieves used to get into our home. A lock was even installed on our manhole but they punched through the ceiling and entered our home with ease.

A little background to my story; our home was in a relatively new estate. There were a lot of tradies around; 3 in our street at the time, skip bins on the footpath. What we found out later from the Police is that criminals see this as a red flag. They know that home owners usually don’t always lock their doors. Some leave spare keys left out, in general there are many holes in security in the average home.

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They managed to get away with over 40 items; including all of my jewellery, they even used our suitcases to carry out our stuff. They handpicked through my clothes, took all my underwear, my husbands shoes, artworks, i-pods, cameras. Technology devices also a target, and even the alcohol out of our fridge.  Spare key to my car, my makeup; anything remotely good, they took.  We thought we had done enough with our security!  How they managed to get out of our house was embarrassing. I had left the spare key in the cutlery drawer, not so obvious but they managed to find it, and were able to exit my home with ease.   They didn’t steal the TV because they couldn’t removed it due to our fridge being out on the deck. Therefore the doorway was partially blocked and they couldn’t get past it.

 My only thoughts as I reflected on the situation with Brock is that I am so glad I didn’t bump into them while they were in my house. The people who broke into my house were later identified as a group of drug addicts. They were caught but only sent to rehabilitation because they are drug addicts and the courts try to help them rather than punish them. Even though we understand the reasoning behind this, it doesn’t make us feel safe.

kgbDSK2ajarCGU Insurance were fantastic, they replaced everything with cards/vouchers at the places that I prefered to shop at. Replacement car keys from the dealers and assured me that they will cover my car if it is ever stolen. They replaced my jewellery at the stores that I wanted use. My claim was helped by the fact that I learnt from a friend who was caught in the storm in the Gap a few years ago. Take a photo of every piece of jewellery and to keep my receipts off site in cloud software i.e. Dropbox, in case of a fire.

After this event, which happened about 18 months ago now, I felt so uneasy in my home due to the robbery, through our roof ! We ended up moving to a new home, with Colour bond roofing, we have invested in a monitored alarm system and today we are investing in a safe. A very sturdy safe, anchored to our wall in a concealed location, a you will never get this open in time, safe.  The main reason we have made the latter changes is not to feel that we will never be broken into again. Rather to feel that if and when it does happen again they will get nothing ! These measures are to slow them down and inhibit them getting away with our valuables and selling them for drugs.

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We are happy to say that the safe has been successfully installed and ‘Diana’, who even after this experience still has a great sense of humour as she revisited certain details that reflected the crims as amateurs that we have had to omit. Now she has all her replacement jewellery and valuables back at home as it had been stored in the bank prior to our solutions.

We deal with these kinds of situations regularly, sadly nearly every day in some varying degree. We just decided to share Diana’s story so you know what measures to take to avoid this experience.

Please note; if you have a safe, but don’t set up a habit of making sure things go in there regularly, you are vulnerable. It may be a hassle initially, but it will be worth it in the long run.


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