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Securing Business premises is more difficult than securing homes in Brisbane because a completely different mindset must be used, as business locks need to offer more durability and strength than the residential locks. We have been providing physical security and electronic security in and around Acacia Ridge and Rocklea (this is where our head office is located ) for over 25 years and every Sat night the Archerfield Speedway was running would coincide with break and enter attempts. The Block Lock, one of our recommended business locks which is pictured, has only been available for around 10 years however because of its simple design and that fact that it is secured through the door using bolts it has provided a formidable defense from jimmy bar or prybar attacks. This particular installation is on a swinging aluminum door and is fitted at chest height as opposed to ankle height (most locksmiths who are young can’t or don’t appreciate that bending or squatting is tricky for some and downright impossible to open when you are wearing a mini skirt) which is also harder to force open.

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