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Digital Door Locks Brisbane s – Future

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Locksmithing is a relatively young trade but it is a trade that is expanding its base, it is also a trade that requires the mastery of many different technical modalities, such as wood work, metal work and computer programming. Over the last 35 years I have seen computerisation permeate many aspects of locksmithing and I predict eventually the trade locksmithing will become a sub trade under the Security Technician banner.

Originally it encompassed mainly cutting keys and repairing door locks, from mortice locks, which then were taken over by rim mounted  cylinder locks and the more modern double cylinder deadlocks  (sometimes called double deadlocks, double barrelled deadlock etc) but new lock technologies have arrived and digital door locks Brisbane s security finally enters the 21st century.

By far the biggest area of expansion is Access Control, this term encompasses card swipe locks, digital door locks, proximity card locks systems, electronic  locking systems, cipher locks and electric door releases (aka as electric strikes) and magnetic door locks. The charge into keyless locking systems was lead by Lockwood when they introduced their Lockwood Digital door lock range some 20 years ago, alas it is very dated and there are many cheaper digital door locks now on the market. The Lockwood DGT mechanical digital lock has one BIG drawback, it can easily be opened and it is tricky to change the code numbers. All a criminal has to do is watch you enter the numbers from a distance and usually the most used buttons get worn making it easy to guess the code.

These locks have been relegated to a distant second in favour of the locks that are termed, Electronic Locks, Electric Code Locks and Computer Digital locks. The advantage of locking or releasing a door electronically is that it can be programmed to grant or deny access at particular time zones or add or delete a cardholder at the click of a mouse.  Nowadays  programming of alarm systems and  card swipe systems has a become a module taught at TAFE colleges Australia wide. It is very logical that locksmiths supply and install electronic locking systems as we have an in depth understanding of controlling access and staff movements via both master keying systems and the more modern card swipe lock systems.

CCTV and camera systems have joined forces with monitored alarm systems to deter crime more than ever before, with the advances in digital camera detection systems coming forward in leaps and bounds, even the last 12 months has seen a huge jump in technological advances in camera technology. When a digital camera is coupled with a DVR recorder this not only works against crime but has become a boon to employers who can monitor events and incidents in the workplace. With “smart phone” technology it has become possible to view a camera virtually anywhere there is phone reception.

Safes and vaults have also seen massive technological changes that have made safes  more resistant to attacks from high speed drills, angle grinder attacks and criminals in general. These advances have also meant that locksmiths have had to learn new skills to “crack a safe”  however the tools now available such as Magnetic drill presses and high tech drill bits  still make cracking a safe a tricky job. The old style stethoscope safe cracking  technique whilst possible has become redundant as 98% of safes these days use trouble free, maintenance free high grade digital locks. Our locksmiths also are adept at moving safes or repositioning safe anywhere in the Brisbane Metro area, we have a stairclimbing machine that will take a safe upstairs with little effort.  In addition to opening a safe we are also competent at modifying safes to suit a customer’s specific requirements, these are posting slots  and extra shelves and internal lockable cupboards called treasury cabinets.

One area that has seen massive changes is automotive locksmithing, car keys now have chips in the head or the key or a Transponder which makes hot wiring the car virtually impossible, of course this has also made making a car key a bit harder but with the right tools and skills can be done cheaper & usually more quickly than the dealer.  So for any tricky or unusual locksmith job be sure to call us and we will be happy to help



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Lockwoods new digital deadlock
Lockwoods new digital deadlock














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