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Fire safes for data very different to paper ones !

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I could write much about fire safes for data but I will try and keep it short, but I am happy to take calls or emails about them. I saw my first fire safe for data almost 34 years ago. It was big, real big and only big institutions bought them as they were the only ones that needed to protect the huge tapes from fire. Data safes or data cabinets are effectively high grade document or record protection cabinets. Paper starts to char at around 150 Celsius but data which includes tape drives, hard drives, jump sticks, usb sticks, DVD’s etc. However 50 -60 degrees is the temperature that data mediums start being affected by heat so if you were to put your backup in the fire resistant filing cabinet and there was a fire the paper records would be okay but the backups useless.

There are so many ways to back up data but having a up to date data copy in your possession is a nice feeling and we have become a bit complacent with all our records and if there is a fire any backup is better than no back up. Around 70% of all businesses that have a fire go under. We were affected by the 2011 Brisbane floods and I assure you that was easy (even though we had 4 meters of water through our workshop) compared to the speed and destruction that a fire will do. Data safes come in many sizes but we find only 2 sizes are popular. A five litre data safe will fit an enormous amount of household records such as DVD’s hard drives and USB sticks, the larger 50 litre data safe is more popular with small to medium businesses.

Data safe are NOT designed to protect the contents from criminals armed with pry bars and hammers and your average criminal isn’t generally after data backups because they can easily be protected by password encryption. A criminal who was after the contents of a data safe for blackmail or for commercial espionage is a different matter and whilst rare we can help with this specific risk. For more info simply call 1300 556500 or send an email from the side of this page.

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We have extended our fire rating safes to include some of the Dominator Safe range, we would also recommend you look at the Guardall BFG ranges.  If you would like more advice please chat to Kel, our safe specialist, about what size and fire rating safe will suit your needs.


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