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Lock bumping a new threat ?

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Traditional key locks have pretty much stayed the same design since Linus Yale invented the “pin tumbler” lock in 1848, it has given us a cheap and effective way to make sure we limit who can enter our homes and workplaces.  Alas lock bumping has changed all that,  and after some 160 years it appears the “pin tumbler” lock has had its day and its all because of the internet.  Its been the Internets ability to share information quickly that has created a threat for Brisbane homes and business’s by teaching criminals how to make and use a bump key to bump locks open.  A bump key is  a standard key that is modified with a file to make a key that can open the vast majority of locks quickly, easily and without damage to the lock, it is a mutant form of lock picking using a key.

Bump keys and lock bumping first came to my attention in 2004 when I was shown a website that had a hour and forty tutorial on lock bumping. I quickly made a bump key and to my surprise and with very little practice bumped my first lock open in under 5 minutes. I have been opening locks with lock picks for almost 35 years and here was a simple technique which achieved the same result with no special tools, very few skills, very little practice in a very short space of time, I was shocked for I could see that once the information made its way onto YouTube Brisbane homeowners and business owners would become targets. Well some 9 years later there has been limited impact,  and I believe there are 2 reasons. The first is that even though it is a quick and evidence free way to open a lock, it still requires some preparation and second is that criminals like to use the tried & proven technique such as a pry bar.

There are a few Locksmiths out there who still have their head in the sand about lock bumping (sometimes called key bumping) and as much as they bleat on that it is not a threat, I assure you they will not put their money where their mouth is and put this absurd notion in writing, (specifically to their clients) I on the other hand believe any threat needs to be examined and then you can create a plan of action to combat it. I advocate that lock-bumping with not affect domestic dwellings in Brisbane to any noticeable degree but feel that Brisbane business’s will become affected. The good news is that due to increases in reliable alarm systems and bump proof locks, this threat can easily be neutralized. Should you wish to know more about defense measures against lock bumping I have penned an article titled Bump-proof locks.


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