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Safe cash rating or Insurance ratings for safes

Most heap safes are easy to crack open such as this one from a hardware store !

Safe cash rating or Insurance rating are terms that have become synonymous with the storage of valuables and cash. I definitely feel it is by far the most important criteria when choosing a safe. In its simplest form cash ratings are the unit of measure.

They are used to compare different safes abilities to withstand attacks expressed in a dollar value. Manufacturers have responded to market place demands and make safes separated into two main aspects. These being the size of the safe and its quality.

A safes size is fairly straight forward, it is easy to compare 2 safes if they are different sizes but they can have completely different cash ratings. Cash rating is simply a measure of how hard the safe is to “crack”. A safe with a $100,000 cash rating is manufactured to resist various types of attacks.

Where as a low grade safe might only be resistant to small hand tools such as screw drivers and small prybars. Obviously there is a correlation between cost and cash rating. Generally high grade safes are much heavier due to the density of the concrete used, they will most likely have glass relocking devices and anti-drill plates as well as other barriers to protect all your goodies.

“Insurance Rating” is effectively the same as “Cash Rating” and many years ago Insurance companies had assessors who were well versed in safe design & construction used to publish their opinions on what value they believed a safe should protect. Alas under threat of litigation they abandoned this and now leave the “industry” to self-regulate. Generally there is a consensus amongst safe dealers as to of what value a particular safe will protect.

These ratings are usually “stand alone” meaning without the support of an Alarm System. Logically if a safe has an alarm system backing it up it will be much harder for criminals to break into and get away as the amount of time they have is limited. Banks used to rely mainly on physical security to protect the cash they held. Now they use multiple aspects to deter crime and protect their valuables including sophisticated alarms.

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Safe cash rating has nothing to do with the physical amount a safe can hold i.e. its volumetric capacity

The 2 safes below are very similar in size but have different cash ratings

This safe has a thinner plate steel door – cash rating $30,000

This safe has a slab door, 4 way boltwok and anti drill plates – $100,000 cash rating!

Cheap hardware type safes will NOT protect your valuables.

So called fire safes are not suitable for protecting jewellery & gold from theft.

This safe easily survived an attack by a 9 inch angle grinder !

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