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Whether you need to protect jewellery, cash, art, data or family photos, KGB Security offers a variety of home safes that will keep your prized possessions safe and bring you peace of mind!

We have standard home safes, high-grade safes, jewellery safes, and data safes in a wide range of sizes and cash ratings to meet your security needs and fit your budget.

We have listed our top sellers in each segment below, if you need a larger/Smaller size safe, click on the Model to see all the other Safe Sizes in the full range of that brand of safe.

We choose our brands wisely so we make sure you buy the right Safe for your security needs the first time round.


Our standard home safes offer the security and quality needed to protect your valuables and set your mind at ease. They come in sizes large and small, are fire resistant, and have cash ratings ranging from 20k-30k.

The Dominator safe range offers security and quality at a realistic price, there are 5 sizes available and you have piece of mind knowing the safes have a HUGE 105 minute fire rating

Guardall home Vault safes are ideal for the small office or householder with quality and security in mind. Excellent for securing valuables and the protection of documents and collectibles.

ModelSizeCash RatingPrice
Guardall Home Safe HV1H450xW380xD360
Guardall Home Safe HV3H540xW400xD380
Guardall Home Safe HV3H730xW480xD400146kg$25,000$1416

High-grade Home Safes

Our High-Grade Home Safes are brilliant for securing valuables and for the protection of documents and collectibles with a cash rating of $45k.

The new Series 3 BFG range offer plush lined interiors, lined jewellery drawers at the top, and levered keylocks, which contributes to the increased cash rating to the new value of $45k. This series of safes are ideal for a small jewellery store or home use.They come in a variety of sizes with plush linings so you can avoid unwanted scratches or marks on your valuables as you take them in and out of the safe.

ModelSizeCash RatingPrice
BFG 100S3H334xW444xL355
BFG 400S3H624xW414xL355
BFG 800S3H804xW504xL455

Gold & Jewellery Safes

Our Gold and Jewellery Safes offer the security and quality needed to protect your most valuable jewels, cash and gold with cash ratings ranging from 100k-200k.

Guardall KCR safes are all TDR or torch and drill resistant. They offer a High Level of resistance to professional attacks by means such as: drilling and grinding, cutting equipment, acetylene, explosives, and more. Chubb Viper safes design of the revolutionary “V” bolt system helps maintain door integrity both when under physical attack and during a fire. And the Dominator FX80 has a LaGard digital lock, key lock, and 16 alloy locking bolts making it nearly impossible to get into.

ModelSizeCash RatingPrice
Guardall KCR510 Small High Security TDR High Security TDR H510xW435xD450
$100,000 – $200,000$2878
KCR 615 High Grade Safe for Gold615Hx460Wx510D 320kg$100,000 – $200,000$2954

Data and Fire Home Safes

Family photos are irreplaceable! Whether you have actual photos or digital drives, important documents and data should be stored in a fire safe with a minimum of 45mins.

Our data protection boxes are designed to protect digital media from damage in the event of a fire and can also be placed inside a larger safe. We have both large and small data safes in stock for you to choose from. Take a look at our most popular models below.

ModelSizeCash RatingPrice
Lokaway L26F Home Safe H250xW560xD400 53kgs$8,000$685
Lockaway 136F Home Safe400x560x630cm 87kg$8,000$845
Chubb Safes Viper 35H450xW445xL390 34kgN/A$999
Chubb Safes Viper 70H800xW445xL390 53kgN/A$1265.8
Secugard FP1C Home SafeH222xW352xD250 31kgN/A$619
FP2C Series Home SafeH352xW452xD350 56kgN/A$760
Secugard FP3C Home SafeH552xW452xD350 76kgN/A$855
BFG 100S3H334xW444xL355 100kg$45,000$1535
BFG 400S3H624xW414xL355 140kg$45,000$1958
Guardall Home Safe HV1H450xW380xD360 82kg$25,000$895
Guardall Home Safe HV2H540xW400xD380 100kg$25,000$1119
Guardall Home Safe HV3H730xW480xD400 146kg$25,000$1416


Guardall drawer inserts are made to fit their BFG and KCR home safes. These drawers are perfect for displaying collectables and valuables within the safe while maximising the internal space. Their high end finish and soft lining makes it the ideal addition to your safe.
ModelSizeCash RatingPrice
Small Data Safe Fire Insert H18xW31xD25 9kNA$99.75
Medium Data Safe Fire InsertH16.51xW40.3xD31.413kgNA$141.75
BFG 400 Drawer InsertH450xW330xD210NA$380
BFG 500 Drawer InsertH310xW300xD400NA$440
BFG 600 & 800 Drawer InsertH300xW396xD307NA$480

Contact us either prior to your purchase or post purchase to obtain a competitive delivery quote based on your location, ease/complicated entry and any other particulars.

We have done all manner of straightforward to complicated installs, even removing and replacing a wall to remove the existing safe and install the new one.  We have counter levered a safe into the back entrance of a house on a very steep hill with the use of a crane and other tools that we have designed ourselves to allow us to get in and out without damaging the property or the safe.

So give us a call and we’ll organise a custom quote so we can deliver your safe to you, but take a moment to have a look at the 4 types of safe delivery we offer either locally or nationally.

Safe Delivery Options

  • Borrow a trolley and put it in your van/car
  • Drop off to your garage
  • Recommendation that all safes with bolt holes should be bolted down with approved anchors
Installation = bolt down is a fully licensed technicians install with the approved anchors

Delivery Only = dropped into your garage.

1. Under 50kgs

  • $120 delivery only
  • delivery & installation from $220 – $320

2. Above 50kgs – 140kgs

  • $180, delivery only
  • delivery & installation from $220

3. 140kgs – 300kg

  • $240+ delivery only
  •  delivery & installation from $280

4. From 300 – 500kgs

  • specific information for delivery required
  •  delivery & installation from $480

5. Vault Doors

  • delivery from $200
  •  interstate from $240

6. 500kg+

  • this is a highly detailed install/delivery = need photos and details

6. Sunshine Coast*

  • from $280 delivery and installation available on Friday and Wednesdays *(costs may vary)

7. Gold Coast*

  • from $280 delivery and installation *(costs may vary)

8. Interstate delivery door to door only

  • 50kgs = $50
  • 140kgs+ = $240
  • Door to door – custom quote depending on your location
  • Installation – custom quote depending on your home/business
We can deliver your safe to your home in an unmarked vehicle with plain clothes technicians ensuring your privacy.  Our technicians are fully licensed and carry identification and will show it to you upon arrival.

talk to one of our experienced licenced technicians today