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CCTV & Camera Systems explained Part 1


Purchasing a custom designed and correctly installed  CCTV system definitely can be a very useful tool in your arsenal for combating and deterring today’s crime. It has been well documented that over 80% of all CCTV systems currently installed on the are useless to police for solving a crime. The reasons vary but it is usually due to incorrect camera positioning, poor lense choice and inadequate lighting being sighted as the most common failings.

There are 3 basic rules to follow to insure that a successful outcome is to be achieved.

One: DetectionThis is described as when an object comes into view and talks up a minimum of 10% of the entire field of view, simply put something or someone is in camera range.

Two: ConfirmationThis is when an object comes into the camera’s detection area and takes up 50% of the field of view. At this point you will be able to detect what the object is, such as a person etc, however the viewer will not be able to make out any physical features with any surety.

Three: IdentificationIdentification is when the object is filling 120% of the view of the camera. At this point physical features can be identified and a positive ID can be made. This is what is required by the Police or management for the identification of the suspects so as appropriate steps can be made taken to achieve a successful outcome, typically a successful prosecution.

We are seeing many requests from our clients for recording vehicle registration plates and successful recording and identification requires the target registration plate be viewable in day or night and taking up 100% of the view. Its is worth noting that many cameras become “blind” when vehicle headlights are shone towards them, we have had some clients whose expensive system was useless at night until the correct camera and lighting issue was addressed. Please note, these points apply to analogue cameras only.

Higher quality systems can be used, such as IP cameras which offer HD (high definition) quality, and exclusion areas which eliminate unnecessary hard drive recording space. Some common reasons now being quoted for using CCTV:

Employee Monitoring:Employers can use CCTV in to order to monitor workers behaviour and actions, typically where cash transactions and WHS risks are present. This has been common practice in high-risk and high-security industries such as banks, financial institutions and IT companies however with the spiralling cost of Workers compensation claims & associated litigation, production and manufacturing industries, institutions, shipping, logistics and even kindergartens are now using CCTV systems to assist in the elimination of fraudulent claims and property loss.

Most business owners agree that labour costs are a major cost and employee’s falsely claiming for working whist they are resting or even sleeping on the job can be reduced when the perpetrators know that they are being recorded or watched.

Public Safety and Liability recording:Supermarkets learned a long time ago the value of being able to present an accurate portrayal of an incident that has become a claim though the courts, many frivolous claims have been dropped as a result of presenting a CCTV recording as defense. Alas there is a small group of people who plan a false liability claim on the basis of a business NOT having security camera surveillance. We have installed many CCTV systems after a business owner has gone through the pain of defending a claim for liability and the cost of increased premiums and attention from Government agencies can be greatly reduced by a quality CCTV system.

In summary CCTV camera systems costs have come down significantly and with advances in technology these systems can recoup their cost many times over, I would point out that DIY camera systems are like any DIY product and rarely compare with a system that has been designed and installed by professionals such as ourselves. We are happy to speak with you and advise what options are available and we have many tools (range finding and lux measuring devices) which will ensure you get a quality CCTV system at a realist price, often this means one of our staff making a site inspection, which can be done at no charge, we invite your inquiry.

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